Sunday Sprinkles



  1. hi i'm OBSESSED with my new business cards from (FYI – that's a discount/referral link, you get 10% off and i get $7.50 in credit when you use it to order for the first time) like OBSESSED.  the quality is even better than i imagined and i chose the cheapest paper option!  i want to give them out to EVERYONE.  (for those of you wondering, i designed the picture sides in picmonkey so it was easier to standardize and use the font i use throughout the blog and added the five different ones as the pictures on the back of the cards!)
  2. so i don't know if i've mentioned this. but i'm obnoxiously in love with la croix… i'm a sucker for their water.  the only other sparkling water i'm obsessed with is the polar seltzer in blueberry lemonade!  its back for summer and i LOVE it.  its the perfect mix of summery-taste and deliciousness.  HIGHLY recommend. i generally will drink polar when i want to drink a TON, because i buy the 1 liter bottles.  but when i want a refreshing burst of my favorite flavors i'll reach for a la croix can (i ❤️ the coconut and the fun summer flavors) #feelgoodmoment
  3. i've been using myfitnesspal as a way to log food and its EYE OPENING the amount of calories i ingest in a day.  its disgusting.  it makes me want to eat whole30 all the time.
  4. me in the gym.  every damn time.
  5. i'm obsessed with the keith urban new album.  love.  (apparently i'm also obsessed with the word obsessed.  please don't count the number of times i've used it today.) OH and H.O.L.Y by florida georgia line – i could sing it all day every day).
  6. i'm super happy so many of you are into the backend info & i'm planning on doing periodic posts about that.  i'm hoping to post the first one this week (maybe thursday?)
  7. TV. ugh we have to catch up on everything tonight so i don't have anything to say.  i was in chicago all week and when i came home friday Frankie was at the mets game.  yesterday we had an NYCFC game (which was SO embarrassing for any of you who follow the MLS) so we haven't had time to catch up (and yes we're that annoying couple who has to watch shows together – ew).  i will say that im LOVING the peoples couch and i feel like its so bizarre because we're watching people watch tv but its HILARIOUS.  do any of you watch it?  i die every time.
  8. i also have a scott disick guilty pleasure that i won't apologize for.
  9. I head to RI memorial day weekend on wednesday!  all my RI peeps, hit me up!
  10. my friends over at skinnypop gave me this infographic to share with you guys!! i loveeee popcorn (see here) and loveeeee wine, so pairing the two together makes it a double win for me!  (i'm thinking of trying the salt & pepper flavor with a nice glass of malbec for the bachelorette premiere on Monday!  but also i can't wait to try out their dusted dark chocolate flavor, because oh my gosh.)

SkinnyPop Wine