Sunday Sprinkles


  1. GUYS i can't drink anymore.  like, i'm soooo old.  i was AWFULLY hungover this morning after a bunch of dranks and it's the WORST.  ugh.  martini anyone?
  2. yasssss emilia.
  3. oh my goodness, i'm writing this on another bus (this time on my way back to NY) and the driver is CRAZY.  he's flying around in this bus like it's nothing.  CRAY.
  4. i gotta get myself back on a running schedule.  anyone want to do a running challenge with me?? i need some sort of driver/competitive force (cause qualifying/training for a marathon isn't enough for me)
  5. this KILLS me.  i can't even.
  6. i'm so happy to have tomorrow off to just get my life back together
  7. i'm also really happy to be able to use tomorrow to catch up on TV that i'm SUPER behind on.  (i haven't really watched anything because i've been in RI)
  8. all i wanna do is curl up in bed right now and take a nap.  the idea of my actual bed is just screaming my name.
  9. ANNA. shes pretty much my life goals.