Sunday Sprinkles



1. what'd you do this weekend?  anything exciting?  i can't believe it's almost monday already.  this summer is FLYING by.  my weekend has been full of sports (oddly enough).  we had a race yesterday morning and then we went to the yankees game because our friend kyle got some free tickets, then to a bar to watch the NYCFC game, then home to watch the copa game.  SO MANY GAMES.  now frankie and i are watching the end of the copa final.  have you been following?  we want argentina to win (for no reason really except their players).

2. THIS GIRL is so amazing.

3. ummmm remember when frankie and i went to the louise for a date night?  we went back for brunch this morning and OMG i was in love with their chicken sandwich.  it's called the geeze louise which i think is perfect obvi.  ugh so good.

4. i want this for dinner this week.

5. allllll i want to do is relax on a beach in tropical weather with a bottomless frozen alcoholic drink in my hand.  is that too much to ask?  sighhhhhh.

6. pleaseeeee raise your hand if you do either stitchfix or classpass!  i want to know A) if it's worth it and B) if anyone wants me to use their referral link.

7. TV.  we haven't watched much because we've been watching ALL the soccer/sports.  womp womp.  i have been watching bones though and i'm caught up on sister wives.  we started murder in the first last week and we're planning on bingeing through the second half of game of thrones this week + OITNB

8. i really want to go on a good hike this summer but i feel like i have NO time.  i know it's an illusion and if i mastered time management i'd be able to do it but stilllll.  its hard.

9. OH at the Yankees game on Saturday it was weirdly two years exactly from my last mariners game.  the dippin dots are from seattle and the beer is from NYC.