Sunday Sprinkles


IMG_0816 1. I'm pretty sure the amounts of caffeine I plan to put into my body this week is a little ridiculous/borderline dangerous.  I JUST HAVE SO MANY THINGS GOING ON.  

2. Hopefully this week I'll find some time to put together some Seattle guide/highlight posts I have in mind.  If not be on the lookout for those shortly after I move.  Also, deff let me know what you guys would want to know about Seattle so I can get it into the posts.

3. Eating my way through this and this is my first goal after successfully moving into NYC.  (also all the places mentioned in the comments.  thank god for the internet).

4. Um.  The puppies I posted about a couple months ago (weeks?  I can't remember – everything is blurring together) ARE SO BIGGGGG. but still adorable.  and I just want to forget all of the stressful things I have going on and just cuddle up with them forever.  Also, I would like to do the same with Murphy (the Doyle's new puppy).  I've had a really puppy filled weekend.  It was glorious.

5. I feel really weird about my move right now.  I'm kind of in this place where I'm unsure of how I'm even supposed to feel.  I go from being really excited to being really nostalgic.  It's kind of crazy to me that I only have three more nights in the first apartment I made into a home.  

6. Also, I have a serious problem: wine.  Dooooo we think they'll be willing to ship the 13 bottles of wine I have sitting in my house right now?  How does one deal with this situation?  because wine is kind of a big deal in my life.  soooo… 

7. Did you guys know how much crap I have?  I didn't… until I started “organizing” it for the movers to pack up on Wednesday.  I've thrown out so much useless stuff that I didn't even know I didn't need.  I REALLY want there to be NO clutter in my new apartment. if it doesn't have a purpose it doesn't stay in the apartment.  with the exception of magazines.  mainly just because I'm a hoarder and that is my biggest vice… and to annoy Taryn.  

8. I'm sort of ashamed that I'm still only on the first season of my friends marathon… is that pathetic?  I'm sure in some way it is.  I just haven't figured out in which context yet. 

9. I would show you guys a picture of the CHAOS that is the apartment I'm currently living in but that is something I KNOW I should be ashamed of so I'll refrain.



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