Sunday Sprinkles



1) ummmmm it is SO freaking hot out.  frankie and i walked around DC today and i swear i've never sweat so much in my life.  there isn't enough AC on the planet.

2) oh oh oh, i wanted to say something about this last tuesday but it wasn't “social media public” yet.  CONGRATS to one of my best friends, LJ, on her engagement!!!! i can't even deal.

3) if you need a pick me up.

4) have you made this ramen salad yet?  HAVE YOU?  please say yes.  i need you to say yes.

5) starbucks is doing another deal – buy 5 iced coffees/teas get one free with their little sticker cards for summer.  LOVE IT.  also – my go to order is an iced passion tea lemonade half sweet.  the besttttt.

6) this is on my north carolina bucket list.

7) TV. wahhh i've been in DC so i'm really just watching whatever shows up on DirectTV here.  womp womp.  i think a better question is – what are YOU watching and loving?

8) i hope you got ice cream for national ice cream day!!

9) this is literally my problem right now.