Sunday Sprinkles


1. woohooo!  i'm home from DC and its so nice to be back.  trips that require me to stay the weekend just feel SO long.  i spent all day on Friday cleaning out my kitchen which was super productive.  but now i have, uh, just EVERYTHING else in my apartment to clean.  sighhhh.

2. britty is gonna come over today and we're gonna go have a cutesy picnic in central park and she's going to watch us play pokemon.  HAHAHAH.  life.

3. i want to do ALL THE HIKES this summer.  ALL OF THEM. (i'm also desperate to hike this next summer.)

4. so i bought a gopro during prime day and can i tell you that i'm obsessed?  I bought the Hero Session bundle and i'm having SO MUCH FUN.  i want to make all the go pro movies.

5. food budgeting!  do you do it?  how do you do it?  HALLPPP.  that article has a link to the USDA average cost of food plans and according to the monthly cost for a family of two we're in the LIBERAL section.  WHAT?  i'd love to know more about what goes into those “nutritious diets” because it seems like the most updated data they're using is from 2007.  i take offense to that because i'd like to think we've grown over the last NINE YEARS in terms of what we consider healthy… just sayin.

6. so i'm not going to talk too much about this on the blog until it's over, but frankie and i are on day 3 of our second whole30 and if you wanna follow along check out my fitness instagram! after we finish i'll recap everything here for you guys (i'm working on a cool project for this – you can learn about it on the insta)!

7. TV.  welp i just got back on friday soooo we haven't watched much – we watched some parks and rec (frankies still catchin up) and last night we watched the first episode of homeland (Hulu is giving a free weekend of showtime to try and entice you to pay the extra $9 for it… and now i'm considering it because frankie REALLY wants to watch it – also FYI thats a referral link for hulu – you get two weeks free and so do i if you use it!).


9. wells making fun of the bachelorette IS me and my bff micaela.  every time we watch together.

10. um alsoooooo my copy of Here's to Us came in and i can't wait to read it and go through all of Jessica's recipes!  EEK!  So happy for her!


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