Sunday Sprinkles



1. i think summer is embodied by that ombre watermelon ^^^ CAN'T I HAVE IT ALWAYS?

2. we're in the homestretch of our whole30 and that's SO exciting!! we're on day 24 now which means we have LESS THAN A WEEK LEFT.  um hi does time fly or whatt???


4. we've been in a heatwave for what seems like FOREVEERRRR here in NY.  it's awful.  we just stay inside all day because i feel like i can't breathe in the heat (also because the sweating becomes too much and i freak out) 😭

5. also, can i tell you that the puppy fever is reallllll.  like i want one so bad.  we're in a two year lease at this apartment so i know i can't get one for at LEAST a year and a half but like… please??

6. i have this nail polish in spool me over and i loveeeeeeee it.  i'm super into the pale muted colors right now

7. TV.  um yeah, we're still obsessing with the olympics – pretty bummed about the women's soccer team but oh well.  we're loving all the swimming stuff and Katie Ledecky is crazy awesome.  we've also watched a few episodes of house of cards – we made it up to the finale of season three and WHATTTTTTT i can't believe no one told me i HAD to watch just for that last scene.  thanks guys.  also, do you guys know i have a guilty pleasure for reality tv?  i'm talking married at first sight, bachelor in paradise, and even now are you the one (i'm obsessed with trying to figure it out).

8. i know i complain about this all the time, but the thing i hate the most about living in an apartment is my lack of a grill 😭 i just wanna make grilled chicken without setting off a smoke alarm!!!

9. i want to leave you with this cute little graphic from my friends at all about different infused water flavors!  i loveeee flavoring my water,  you guys know that i don't drink soda anymore – but i'm a big fan of flavored sparkling water (heyyyy la croix i'm looking at you for the main reason i haven't saved hundreds of dollars from giving up soda) anddddd i'm also a big fan of still water that's infused with flavor.  i love all these combo options and i'm definitely trying a few of these out this week (i'm eyeing that strawberry cucumber lime)!  i love this pitcher and use it in my real life (also doubles as a cold brewer for loose leaf tea!) but it's sort of pricey – this one's like half the price and really cute too!

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