Sunday Sprinkles



1. i'm trying to decide if like it would be wildly obnoxious OR completely necessary for me to buy one of these mermaid blankets?

2. frankie and i have a race in central park this morningggg, i'm hoping i don't die.  it's five miles and i haven't been running at alllll.  wish me luck!

3.  GUYS WERE DONE WITH WHOLE30!! wooohoo! i'll report back after we introduce some stuff and let you know how it goes.

4. i bought a new toothbrush that i'm so excited about, i'm a sucker for something so aesthetically pleasing.  i'll let you know what i think of it when i use it!


6. at what point do you think my boyfriend will start contemplating murdering me if i don't stop whining about wanting a house to have a grill?  probably like tomorrow right?

7. TV. we've beeeen watching parks and rec! and oh i finished are you the one.  and i've been obsessed with bachelor and paradise.  i need to know all the things about their time in paradise!  also, have you guys seen animal house?  what are your thoughts?  I STILL CANT FIGURE OUT IF I LIKE ANY OF THE PEOPLE.

8. this is probably gonna be unpopular… but i CAN NOT WAIT for fall.  it's the PERFECT season.

9. for dinner last night (our last meal of whole30) we had the most amazing chicken BLTA wraps.  i can'tttt even deal with how good they were.

edit - August 20, 2016