Sunday Sprinkles



1. it's always crazy to me how fast time moves.  i can't believe 9/11 happened 15 years ago.  all the families and victims will be in my thoughts today.  we remember.

2. in true ashley fashion, the online shopping addiction continues so i bought one of these bags.  i'm so excited. i'm using it for the first time tomorrow!

3. guysssssssah.  i'm in the process of studying for a VERY important test at work and it's really stressful.  so if i seem disconnected over the next week or so, that's why.

4. im going to dallas next week for work.  WHERE SHOULD I EAT?!  WHAT DO I HAVE TO HAVE?!

5. this is perfect – i neeeeed to get back on track.

6. i  can't handle how perfect this is.

7. UM YOU GUYS.  psych is going off netflix on October 1st?!? what the heck am i supposed to do??? im on season 4 so like…. my life is going to be bingeing for the next 19 days – when i'm not studying.

8.  even though i'm planning on studying all week, i'm still going to post some snaps from my labor day weekend last weekend – especially since i didn't post a sunday sprinkles last week!

9. this is me.  EVERY YEAR.