Sunday Sprinkles



1. UMMMm. if you saw my instagram this morning you'll know that i'm OBSESSED with these Broad St. Doughnut Co doughnuts.  they're definitely in my top 5.  if you're ever in NJ, you should try them.

2. also, i've been working in NJ this month and i really need to know why they hate left hand turns?  WHY.

3. did we talk about the pizza trek last week?  i can't remember.  but lets dooooo it.

4. i just searched through the tabs i have open in chrome and i'm disgusted by the volume of bullet journal things i have up in here.  but also really happy about it.  i'm still LOVING the system and loving that i can make it work for me how i want it to.  loveeeeeee it.

5. so i'm going to the Seahawks game today which is exciting – but whats even more exciting?  i'm putting a batch of beef stew in the crockpot so it'll be ready when i get homeeeee EEK.  it's definitely fall.

6. i need all the things.

7. WHO FAILED TO TELL ME ALL THE GOOD SHOWS ARE BACK?  we've been still going strong on our homeland bingeing, but i just found out that how to get away with murder (and i assume scandal) has been back for WEEKS and i didn't know.  what is the world coming to?

8. here are ALL the iphone tips for iOS10.  there were a couple i didn't know, like force touching to clear all notifications!

9. frankie and i had an amazinggggg anniversary dinner at a cute little new-to-us italian place and had the most amazing appetizer.  I recreated it yesterday because i had to have it.  do you want to see thattttttt this week OR a pumpkin spiced espresso martini?  tell me now!