Sunday Sprinkles



1. doooo you guys want me to put together gift guides this year?  i love looking at the gift guides everyone else puts together and i'm definitely willing to put a few together this year.  tell me who you want to buy for!

2. im obviously still over the moon happy about my engagement!  but planning a wedding seems to involve… so much stress. HELP ME!

3.  I NEED ALL OF THIS STUFF.  the copper obsession is real.

4. i cut myself today when i was slicing bread for my soup.  frankie and i are both getting colds so i made homemade chicken soup and its so good!  but now i have a sliced finger 😭

5.  my new away luggage came in last week and i'm SO excited to take it somewhere… where should i go?!

6. i love this type of stuff.  so interesting to see – i look for mistakes in TV all the time.

7. we started watching the office last week and i'm really into that right now.  ALSO i'm re-watching gilmore girls!  i'm so into it right now and it feels great.  i was DEFINITELY a rory in high school.

8. CONGRATS to everyone that ran the NYC marathon today!! frankie and i are one race away from qualifying for next years marathon!  so exciting!! (and scary!)

9. yummmm.  i made buffalo chicken in the crockpot this week – i'm gonna make a buffalo chicken & broccoli calzone for dinner tomorrow night!