Sunday Sprinkles



1. guys i'm SO happy i got to have time at home for thanksgiving… but i'm even more happy to be back home in my apartment.  i think i ALWAYS feel this way after i go home.  but anyway.  tell meeeee what was your favorite thanksgiving dish?

2. i'll share some of my favorite snaps from my weekend tomorrow on the blog ❤️

3. i want ALL of this stuff.

4. WE PUT UP OUR TREE.  but tomorrowwww i want to make cranberry/popcorn garland.  that'll really top it off.

5.  thanksgiving sandwiches are good for the soul.  always.

6. ugh. my enter key on my macbook is like messed up.  if i hit it on the bottom left corner it doesn't register and its driving me CRAZY.  (yes i know i should just go to the apple store but do you know of any home remedies?)

7. WAH don't tell me any gilmore girls spoilers.  i can't.  im not finished re-watching the originals yet.  but also… christmas rom coms are back… so there goes any chance of me watching anything but those.  we're talking 24/7 on TWO hallmark channels

8. winter goals.

9. im SO ready for sleep now.  i hope you guys had such a fun weekend! i'm gonna leave you with my brother's girlfriend's puppy xoxo