Sunday [Morning, Rain is Fallin] Things


Sunday Morning Pancakes 1. Let me ask you something.  WHO HAS TIME TO BLOG WHEN THERE ARE FULL SEASONS OF DEXTER TO WATCH ON NETFLIX?   Yesterday, I had plans.  Big plans.  To DIY a ton of stuff.  Know what I did?  Sat on my couch and watched a full season (season 5) of Dexter and then some.  I got off the couch to make myself food.  (This is slightly related and not a complete ADD moment, I swear.)  I canceled cable recently so a representative from the cable company came to take away the cable box yesterday.  The guy came into my apartment, looked me up and down, saw my unshowered self in my boyfriend's basketball shorts with a dressy top and half-tube socks (all of which I slept in) with UN-SHAVED legs, and he goes “um… did you know I was coming today?”  I would have been offended had the situation not been completely ridiculous.  I wanted to be like “yes, sir.  I did know you were coming.  But like, I have Dexter to watch… I can't be bothered with hygiene.”  But really.      

2. True life: I had to tell myself I could blog from bed this morning to get the motivation to finally write this post.  

3. I have this nostalgic thing about Monster (the energy drink).  Every time I have it I feel like I'm being shifted back in time to late night college study sessions.  You could almost always find me in the library, or Frankie's room, or the Unistructure with a monster and some candy studying away.  I associate the drink with buckling down.  GETTING STUFF DONE.  So now when I have one at work it's like we're old friends coming together again. 

4. Girl scout cookies will be my demise.  I'm fairly certain of it.  They're taunting me during this no carbs/less sugar cleanse I'm doing (who the hell am I??) and I don't know how to refuse them.  #firstworldproblems

5. Jessica favorited one of my tweets like two weeks ago and I instantly swooned and died.  I'm now writing to you from the afterlife.  (I feel like if I watched the Walking Dead I'd insert a reference here but it's on that list of 1,000,000 shows I need to watch but haven't.) 

6. Let's talk about how BADLY I want the Ninja Mega Kitchen System.. I'm like drooling over it.  My birthday is only three months away right??  So it would be like an early birthday present to myself, right?  Talk me out of it people.  Talk me down from the wallet killing ledge.  PLEASE.  S.O.S.  (also, I would like to be talked out of buying an ice cream maker.)

7. How freaking cool is this?  I took the Amtrak from Vancouver, WA to Seattle last week and I had so much fun and it was so pretty and, and, and I want to live on a train.  

8. 29 ways to eat meatballs?  Take me to my kitchen.  Take this test and tell me what your favorite is.  My fave is obviously the peps. Also, I have had seven of these nineteen.  I think it's now my life mission to get all nineteen.  I MUST COMPLETE THE COLLECTION.  (side note: did you guys know that buzzfeed has a section DEVOTED to food?  who the hell didn't tell me?) 

9. I just don't want to go grocery shopping today.  Or do anything.  I don't want to do anything today.

10. Scandal kind of bored me this week.  Nothing super shocking.  I hate when Liv uses Jake.  and Fitz is just being crazy annoying and I want to punch him.  The only interesting thing worth actually discussing is whether or not you think Mellie is going to start having an affair with that man?  Do you think she loves him back?  WHAT'S THE BACK STORY SCANDAL PEOPLE.  i MUST know.  that was really all I was interested in.  except quinn.  get back on the good side quinn.  I miss you.

11. Do I have to leave my bed?  Can I just open a window and listen to the rain?  Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee?

Sunday Morning in my Bed


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