Things: the “purge my browser of ridiculous amounts of” Links Edition


Just in case you thought I forgot about you, here is the stuff that has been clogging up my google chrome browser lately that I just haven't had time to post because of life/school/redvelvetfudgepie.  You understand. 

Aka: I really do love you guys and I've been saving stuff to share with you but I got too busy.  The Jello-Shots should explain everything…


1. Further proof that Taylor Swift is trying to steal my identity.  

2.  Every girl Everyone should read this, this, and this (minus the gym part being a necessity).

3.  THEY THINK I'M FUNNY GUYS.  However, they also think my name is Samantha… so I guess their credibity is slightly flawed.  BUT GUYS THEY THINK MY BLOG IS FUNNY.  Therefore, I love them. 

4.  I would like to visit all of these places.

5.  Another reason I'm 90 percent sure Jessica is my spirit blogger/long lost big sister.

6.  My favorite way to make chicken legs.  Nom.

7.  My life story

8.  I'm pretty sure I teared up at the first one.

9.  Target continues to teach me everyday.

10.  #loveyoujt #watchit

11.  This is so cool on so many levels.

12. Oh lil Rhody, I just love you so.

13.  Not that I'm on the market… but my loving boyfriend could take notes.  HINT HINT, BABE.

14.  Or he could just buy me a puppy… whichever works.

I promise you a real post will come along soon… I'm almost done with this class.