Thursday Things


20140122-233916.jpg  1. Hey guys. Missed ya.  I've been gone since the weird post where I didn't write a single thing and just posted pictures of my holiday season because I'm lazy (but apparently not too lazy to edit all those pictures and photo-collage them in lightroom), but it was okay because you all kind of liked it?

2.  Also.  I've been REALLY trying to let up on using ellipsis because a friend's facebook post recently informed me that it is NOT grammatically correct to use them whenever you want to pause for dramatic effect.  But it's honestly just second nature for me to throw those three loving dots in the middle of my sentences.  They love me. I love them.  I have a REALLY hard time letting them go.  Meh. you guys deal with my lack of capitalization, repeatedly endless run-on sentences, and my lack of ability to truly understand when commas are appropriate (it just doesn't gel with my mind.  I, JUST, LOVE, COMMAS.)  [did i do it right?] dealing with one more grammatical error on this little spot on the internet won't kill you right?  I'll just add it to the pile of #noregrets I'm going to have in 2014…

3.  You've probably seen my “check ins” on twitter and instagram, because you stalk me obvi, and you're probably like wtf?  LET ME TELL YOU.  I joined a group called Tone It Up. and omg I love it.  I love them.  KarenaKatrina are so pretty.  I want to be them.  Or at least look like them.  or. something?  But anyway, I'm kind of obsessed and I love their workouts and just yeah.  They're really fun.  Annnnndd they give off this really good message about loving your body and yourself and yeah.  SO I'm doing their Love Your Body challenge and the 100 miles by V-Day challenge.  Check it out.  Don't let me tell you what to do.  Okay I'm done.

4.  Except I'm not.  Because I went and bought a kettle bell for Tuesday's workout.  Not only did I buy the wrong size, but I left it on my hotel room floor and stubbed my toe on it and now it's swelling and I think it's broken.  Which wouldn't be a huge deal, if i were a normal person and didn't WALK ON MY TOES.  who am i?  why do i do that.  my friends tell me its cute.  They're humoring me and laughing behind my back.  Literally.  *cough, micaela, cough*

5.  In other, big/more-exciting news:  I'M GOING TO VEGAS BABY.  for my birthday. and my friend laura's birthday.  and I'm seeing Britney.  Yeah, that's right.  It's Britney, Bitch.  Sorry, I just felt the need to brag.  It's not till May so don't be too jealous.

6.  Last weekend was the first weekend I've been in my apartment in like five weeks.  know what that means?  YOU GUYS, I MADE THINGS.  And I'm super excited to share them.  Soon.  I pinky promise, because every. freaking. time. I promise you guys something's coming to the blog it never makes it there.  Apparently, I need to pinky promise to make that happen.  Ugh.

7.  Also, I spent a weekend in Napa two weeks ago!  I'm thinking about doing another purely pictures post, but if anyone is curious to the wineries/hotels/transportation we used to keep our trip relatively budget friendly let me know.  I wouldn't mind sharing!  Also, two words.  Mud. Bath.  It was weird. but cool. but weird.  I still don't know how I felt about it.  Moving on.  

8.  It's no secret that I've never been into football, but I have to tell you it was pretty cool to be in my city when Sunday's game ended.  There was tons of yelling and honking, fireworks and bells.  People were crazy downtown.

9.  I'm kind of indifferent on the whole Richard Sherman controversy, but since the whole country is apparently in uproar about it (yes, i'm talking to you all my friends from home who posted facebook statuses about it): here's some food for thought.

10.  I almost peed reading this if you're looking for a laugh.

11.  Speaking of laughing though.  My new favorite drink at the bar?  Vodka soda with two lemons and a lime.  Do you know how ridiculous I look at the bar with a literal TREE of fruit in my drink?  Why can't I be a grown up?  And to top it off what kind of tree grows 2/3 lemons and 1/3 limes?  Is a lemon-lime tree a thing?  Someone should invent that.  Not that I could plant one.  I live in an apartment, people.  With NO yard. 

12.  Anyways, in summary I've missed you and you've got some good stuff coming your way guys… goooooood stuff… delicious stuff…..  you'll want to eat it every day kind of stuff………  my-favorite-pizza-sauce kind of stuff. (elipsis for the win #isuck)