Tuesday Things


1. I haven't done a Things post in FOREVER, so this is just a collection of stuff I've been meaning to share but have been too lazy. IMG_1432

2. I can't even with Miley.  I just can't.  #sheCANstop #please?

3. Yesterday was my best friend Mikki's birffffdayyyyy.  Mish you boo.  <3


4. Nom.  Kayla‘s cake pops?  Holy cow.  She does NOT mess around, these were DELISH and super pretty…. Vaguely reminds me of the time my friend LJ made inappropriate comments about my cake balls being in her mouth in front of my grandmother… oops.


5. All the links I've had open to share with you.  

6. My browser looks so clean after number 5…. weird.  BTW it was a weird montage of random inspirational/HILARIOUS/omgnsync/RIisawesome stuff.  Enjoy.

7. I can't wait for Blackfish to come to a theater to meeeeeeeeee.  UGH. bring me ALL THE ORCAS.

8.  Duck dynasty is back.  Aka. the world is right again.


9. When Lea made me cry at the Teen Choice Awards.  bring on the tissues… again.  Then Ashton Chris (?) reinstated my confidence in the world (and gave me hope for the coming generations?).

10. My boyfriend is coming to visit on Thursdayyyyyyy.  I'm the happiest girl.


11. HOLY COW… mistresses.  STOPPPP. WHAT?  I don't even know what happened… and I watched it.  So many things happening.  I just.  I don't even know.  Harry is pissing me off.  I'm proud of mah gurl karen (except I would have been like ELIZABETH TOLD ME TO WRITE THE NOTES SO THE STUPID INSURANCE COMPANY WOULD LEAVE HER ALONE… you know, I like to keep things mature over here).  Savyyyyy, I feel for the girl.  Joceeeeee you know better.  WHERE IS LUCY.  gah. okay. i'm done.

12. A HUGE thank you to Courtney and Reebok for hosting the giveaway that I won for crossfit nanos!  I can't wait to try them out :)

13. Also, bottomless mimosas are my fave.