Wednesday Things


1. I'm still incredibly upset about the recent events in Boston.  I've found myself scanning the news for any new information every chance I can get.  Every time someone mentions it I get goosebumps.  I wonder how long it'll last.  I was too young to really understand what was happening during 9/11, so this feeling is really strange to me.  I'm still so grateful that none of my loved ones in Boston were hurt.  However, I think the best way for me to cope is to continue on with my normal routine.  Which, on this blog, means a random, weird, scattered array (aka an accurate description) of my thoughts.

2. Do you remember when I raved about how these smoothies were my favorite breakfast and I made them everyday because I loved them so much and they were the best breakfast on the planet?  I may or may not have lied to you, I realized it when my local IGA put grapefruits on sale (AHEM, hey, IGA staff $1 for a grapefruit is NOT a sale… but I still bought them).  When I'm feeling really lazy and don't want to get out of bed until fifteen minutes before I need to leave for work I don't have time to make a smoothie, I love grabbing a grapefruit and eating that for breakfast.  They're just so good.  And delicious. And my fitbit account tells me they're only 84 calories.  I normally split up my breakfast and eat one half at a time.  Totally holds me over until lunch.  Easiest. Breakfast. Ever.


3. HOLY CRAP NASHVILLE.  It shocked me with it's preview of Juliette's mom & Dante.  I loved everything else about this episode .  I was torn for Deacon.  I love his new girlfriend and I love Rayna.. decisions decisions.  UGH, I hate the new guy who's getting Gunnar to flirt with death.  I'm over you.  Stop trying to get my bb killed.  I hope Teddy does something AWFUL to Peggy.  Honestly, Teddy & Peggy?  Just their names together make me want to throw up.  Ew.  Juliette… let's get real for a hot sec.  YOU NEED TO LOSE THE DUDE WHO'S MESSING EVERYTHING UP.  And what the heck, all of a sudden Deacon's done nothing for you?  Gurrrlll, you best recognize.  There's something fishy about that Dante guy.  I can smell him a mile away.  He's skeevy.  I think I'm done.  That's everything I needed to say.

4. Not to brag… but I'm going to brag.  I created an AWESOME sandwich for my lunches last week (when I wasn't eating leftover enchiladas which were super delish).  I'm told it smelled really good also.  I put ham, lettuce, cucumber, roasted asparagus, and a mustard siracha sauce on a hoagie roll… Yum.  That's all I have to tell you about that.

5. I'm sort of a hypocrite.  I'm sort of trying juicing?  And when I say sort of, I mean I'm drinking fresh juice for every meal and snacking on smartfood, peanuts, almonds, and sunflower seeds.  And yes, I may or may not have eaten actual solid food for lunch and dinner on Monday.  I'm an awful juicer.  Don't even remind me of the Auntie Anne's pretzel sticks I had at 5:30 pm yesterday because I couldn't restrain myself when we passed by in the mall.  Ugh.  I'm not going to make a career out of juicing, that's for sure.  This is what a shopping cart looks like when you're preparing to juice for a week: IMG_2879

6. I had such an awesome time at the MS Walk this past Sunday.  Laura & I volunteered to help setup the walk, helped register people as they came in, and then we participated in the walk.  Next year we're going to get orange tutus and fairy wings.  I'm obviously ready to buy them now and decorate them with glitter and gold and sprinkles and anything flashy SO excited.  I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you to all of you for any support you were able to give, whether it was through actually donating or just spreading the word.  It really means a lot.  Laura can still accept donations until May 6, and we would really appreciate any amount you'd be able to give.  These were the views at Gasworks Park on the walk:

IMG_2895                IMG_2896 This was the finish line: IMG_2894 And this was how we celebrated: IMG_2899

7. I finished the season of Mob Doctor.  OHMAHGAWD.  Crazy twists.  I can't lie to you though, I've moved on to a new show already. And when I say moved on, I really mean I only have two episodes left in the first season and I'm trying to avoid watching them because I want it to last as long as possible before I have to experience the break before season 2 I'm almost finished with the first season.  It's called Deception and it's awesome.  I'm addicted.  It's a fact.

8. I can't wait to see my boyfriend/friends/family this weekend.  I'm super excited.  My flight leaves Thursday night and gets me to Rhode Island Friday morning.  I'M READY TO PARRRRRTTAYYYYYY.  (If you didn't get the bridesmaids reference we can't be friends, I'm sorry.  That's just how it is)

9. My life is full of awkward TV/movie references that no one gets unless you've seen bridesmaids, pitch perfect, and every episode of glee as many times as I have.

10. I have never wanted to go to sleep more than I do right now.  I wish I were in Seattle living the life drinking martinis at bars like the girls on sex in the city, instead I'm in Yakima, Washington practically falling asleep in my hotel room.  It's not even 10pm.

11. Tulips are my favorite flower.  Besides daisies, and roses, and tiger lilies…  I have a lot of favorites.  There are tons of tulips in the market at this time of year, so currently, tulips are my favorite flower.


I love you all.  I love your support.  I hope you know, I'm here to listen/talk if you have things on your mind… since you constantly let me overwhelm you with my thoughts.  Thank you.