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Christmas Things 1.  Haiiiii party people.  What's goin on?  IT'S ALMOST CHRISTMAS.  Which means I want all the cookies, candy canes, and martinis.  (sometimes being an adult is alrightttt)

2.  It also means I want the Christmas music 24/7 and mistletoe candles burning, and trees lit, and dareIsayit, snow.  I would like some snow right now.  <- when I go home on Friday and complain about the snow you can quote me

3.  Is there anything more awkward than when your stomach makes noises in a silent room at work?  I don't think so.  I'M NOT EVEN HUNGRY STOMACH STOP TALKING.  

4.  Have you guys ever worked out and felt like it was just bad?  It happened to me for the first time yesterday.  I tried to go to the hotel gym and run, but neither of the treadmills were working and I hadn't planned a strength workout.  Soooo I took it as a sign I should go to hot yoga (which I've recently become obsessed with) and drove on over to class.  I hadn't been preparing all day, so I'm pretty sure I was dehydrated but the class was just a bad class for me.  My balance was off, I felt like I couldn't do ANY of the poses, my willpower was low, and I was super self-conscious.    I made it through the class, but I left feeling like I failed.  They say a bad class is better than no class, but it was a pretty sucky feeling.  Any tricks for coming back after a “failed” workout?  I think tomorrow I'll just do a few pinterest workouts and see where it goes.

5.  ALSO.  I have HUGE news.  I can't believe I didn't make this number one.  WHAT WAS I THINKING.  The Doyle's got me the most ahmayzing Christmas gift this year:  A baby giraffe.  YES, YOU HEARD ME CORRECTLY.  I am a proud zoo parent of Misawa, but you can call him cutie (that's what everyone called him before he got a real name).  Frankie and I are just THRILLED.  

6.  Speaking of my boyfriend… I FLY INTO NEW YORK ON SATURDAY. cue the party… but literally.  I once told his mom that I'm upset she's never thrown me a party when I come home, after she threw a party for one of her sisters.  SO I'm going to make them party, they don't have to THROW a party, but they damn sure have to partay with me.   

7.  Also, this assignment I'm on for work not only brought me to Diamond status with HiltonHonors, but also MVP status with Alaska Airlines.  The amount of traveling I do for work is disgusting… yet pretty cool.  

8.  Something I learned on this assignment: having Diamond status with Hilton won't fix the slow internet you are faced with at the Hilton Garden Inn in Pismo Beach. #firstworldproblems

9.  I was recently introduced to middle class problems… has this been a thing all along?  are they the same as a first world problem?  OHMAHGAWD.  What if i never understand the difference?? #middleclassproblems  <- did I use it right?  ugh this is all so complicated

10.  Do you have any big plans for the holidays??  I want to know what you're doing and who you're talking to and I want to know everything that you're doing and I don't want you to act like I'm being annoying, I just want you to answer all of my questions.  I'll be spending Christmas in Rhode Island and New Years in New York.  #I'mreAdytoPAAAArTAYYYY 

11.  Happy Holidays everyone!  I'm so grateful for all of you.  

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