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What I Ate Wednesday


I was kind of late linking up to the party… you should expect nothing less from me… my procrastination is at an all time high.  Anywhooo, Jenn is hosting “sensible snacking” What I Ate Wednesdays this month.  Which means I have to try and make my snacking healthy.  Greattttttt.  Let's see how this goes.

So here we go guys, this is What I Ate [last] Wednesday.

6-5 Breakfast


(10:06 am) One of my FAVORITE things to have for breakfast is a grapefruit.  It's super easy, I don't have to do anything I just grab it on my way out the door.  We all know how lazy I am, so this is right up my alley.  I ate half of this grapefruit for breakfast and had the other half later as a snack.  (10:27 am) I munched on half of a lemon zest Luna Bar.  I've recently become obsessed with Luna Bars & trying out the different flavors, I like this one because its sweet & almost feels like a you're eating candy or dessert (which obviously appeals to my sweet tooth).  I normally like to save these ones for after lunch, but after my grapefruit I was still hungry and wanted something crunchy.  This bar is what I found, who doesn't always have half a Luna Bar in their bag?  Weirdos.6-5 Lunch


(12:20 pm) For lunch I heated up a rice bowl.  It was packed with left over things from kebabs I had made the weekend before (a grill pan is like a saving grace for a girl with a city apartment): chicken, red pepper, green pepper, red onion chunks.  I also threw in a half cup of broccoli & a serving of white rice.  Right before I heated it up in the microwave I added some uncooked onions & a bit of cilantro (on the whim decisions that were honestly just STELLAR).  P.S. I'm terribly sorry about the awful burry second picture.  I had to work with my iPhone.     IMG_01816-5 Snacks

Afternoon Snacks

(2:47 pm) I had the second half of that grapefruit from breakfast.  And I tried to drink tons of water.  I can't help shamelessly promoting my Bryant Ambassadors cup at work. ;)  (3:41pm) I munched on some baby carrots & fat free italian dressing (the stuff only has TEN calories per tablespoon… kind of awesome).  (6:32 pm) I caved & broke out the salt & vinegar chips when I was waiting for dinner to arrive.6-5 Dinner


(7:01 pm)  My mom flew into Seattle last Wednesday and we offered to hang out with Cameron while Geoff was at work, so to make dinner easy we ordered a pretty awesome Pagliacci pizza.  Half of the pizza was Hawaiian & the other half was a Brooklyn Bridge (bell pepper, onion, sausage, and pepperoni).  We also ordered a side of breadsticks (which my mom loved but both Cameron & I weren't fans of).  However, we DEVOURED that pizza.  It was definitely the best decision I've made with my pizza choices lately, and we're going to say that the pineapple, onion, and green pepper made it a “healthy decision.”  Thanks for always supporting me. DSC_0296 DSC_0299


(10:05 pm)  With our pizza order came two pints of gelato!  We ordered Salted Caramel & Lemon pints.  My favorite is the lemon, it makes me feel like I'm back in Italy (that's what I'd ordered almost every day).  We felt like the salted caramel was too rich, but we used it to make a cocktail later in the week; don't worry, the recipe is coming your way… eventually.

Hop on over to Jenn‘s page to see better WIAW's where people are actually good at snacking on healthy things… that's what I'm gonna do!