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WIAW: A Traveling Edition #2


I'm back in action for your favorite day of the week: What I Ate Wednesdayhen I Traveled for Work Last Week.

Because it appears I am incapable of photographing a full day of meals on the road, I've got another weekly traveling edition for you.  Nothing fancy, just a typical week in Layton, Utah.  Check back with Jenn for some better WIAWs.  

This week I went over to Super Target to get my groceries/meals for the week.  Love me a good suburban Tarjay (I hate myself a little more every time I write a blog post).  

Nutella Peanut Butter Toast


So.  The hotel I stayed at had nutella (which I am very possibly obsessed with after my semester abroad to Italia).  It was OBVIOUSLY necessary to slather some of that on top of some peanut butter and toast… heart attack waiting to happen (but so sinfully delicious).  It doesn't look appetizing but ohmahgawd it was good.   

WIAW Travel 2-9


Let's talk leftovers real quick, because mine were out of this world.  Over the weekend Ryan took me to Pei Wei for chinese.  I got the Dan Dan noodles with chicken and it was ahmazing.  Super yummy.  I had the leftovers for lunch along with some of the things you'll see below for dinnahs (imagine that in a thick Rhode Island accent #you'rewelcome).  

WIAW Travel 2-2 Lunch Dinner


As you can probably tell, I really love the Archer Farms brand.  At Target I picked up a 4 piece container of fried chicken (which I ended up just pulling all apart to make my life easier when dividing up the portion sizes), szechuan style green beans, cilantro lime rice with corn, potato wedges, and a sesame teriyaki noodle bowl.  I ended up dividing everything except the noodle bowl into five different meals (which cut down the portion sizes and maximized the meals/$).  I wasn't a big fan of the noodle bowl, if I'm being honest, but it was my own fault really for not realizing it contained mushrooms.  You live and you learn to read labels more carefully.  

WIAW Travel 2 Neuro


Have you kids heard about these?  Apparently they're the new big thing.  I heard about them from the Bloggess.  And now I'm obsessed.  I'm like 99% sure its similar to the placebo effect and I just think they work so they work for me… but oh well.  I liked all the flavors you see above.  The NeuroSun one was kind of weird though, it tasted almost like a Pina Colada… it was good, just not what I was expecting.  But it DEFINITELY made me feel like I was on the beach somewhere soaking up those rays of Vitamin D… If only.     

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P.S.  This is what this week is looking like for me:

WIAW Travel 2-12

I know what you're thinking: what's up with the spinach couscous… I tried them last night and LOVED them.  If that's not the shocker of the century I don't know what is…