Workout Wrap-Up


HIIIIII.  as you can tell from this post one of the things that has really changed in my life over the last few months is my focus on health in general.  I've been working out consistently and eating healthy (80/20 for the win here) and I'm seeing amazing results.

because this has become such a huge part of my life now, I like to share a weekly recap of my workouts on Wednesdayyys.

here's how it works & what the formatting of the headings will look like:

Day – Activity/workout; Active Calorie Burn

then i'll give you a brief overview of what happened that day/why i chose that workout/orrr any day specific thoughts i have!  at the end i'll wrap it all up with my overall thoughts on the week or any goals i might have for the next week.  Questions?  leave them in the comments!  💃🏼 💦 💪🏻

M – 3.5 Mile Walk + upper fix; 553 Move cals

i knew i couldn't do any lower body workouts the day after the half SO i went with upper fix and a walk to try and stretch out my legs!

T – 2.5 mile walk; 460 MOVE CALS

thissss was my first day of PT and i left feeling GREAT.  i felt like i learned a ton about what was wrong (i'm tilting my pelvis to avoid pain and not engaging my inner thigh and the back of my thigh) and had solutions (a few exercises to work on, avoiding squats/lunges, and the recommendation to not run brooklyn).  i did keep it low key on tuesday and was pretty okay with just walking around (walking to physical therapy)

– 3 mile walk + flat ab fix; 462 MOVE CALS

by wednesday, i was feeling PRETTY discouraged and upset to be honest.  i felt really trapped and like i couldn't do ANY squats or lunges which eliminated a ton of my workouts.  i emailed my physical therapist pretty dramatically hahah and he basically was like everything will be fine chillllllll.  so i resigned to doing abs and moving on.

T – 3 mile walk; 437 MOVE CALS

thursday was a chill day, we were cleaning because my squad (my mom, mel, and mikki) was coming to LOOK AT WEDDING DRESSES! i just walked home from work that day and had hit my move cals for the day from working around at work.

– 1 mile walk + Upper fix; 500 MOVE CALS

friday was UPPER FIX. i swear these weeks of no squats/lunges are going to have my arms CUT before the end of it.  jeeze louise.


Saturday was a great day!! we went to bhldn and i bought a wedding dress! then it was alllllll about celebrating, which meant we were walking all over the place.  SO exciting.

S – Cross Training; 434 MOVE CALS

sunday i was… hungover.  so i really waited until later in the night and did a few cross training moves including my physical therapy moves!

wrap-up thoughts:

THIS WEEK. it was a bummer for a lot of it to be honest. i felt pretty disappointed and like i mentioned, trapped.  i couldn't shake the feeling that i was about to undo all the hard work i put into my fitness journey (which i KNOW is absurd and not how this works and im sure it was compounded by the fact that i wasn't eating well for most of the week).  wedding dress shopping really lit a fire under my butt though and i'm taking THIS week more seriously, honing in on nutrition which feels amazing. 💜

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