Workout Wrap-up


HIIIIII.  as you can tell from this post one of the things that has really changed in my life over the last few months is my focus on health in general.  I've been working out consistently and eating healthy (80/20 for the win here) for the last four months and I'm seeing amazing results.  its wild what a small shift in how you look at food and workouts can change everything.

so because this has become such a huge part of my life now, I like to share a weekly recap of my workouts on Wednesdayyys. this is a new series and as always I welcome your feedback!  Do you love it? Do you hate it? TELL ME YOUR THOUGHTS.  im very needy.  I'm sorry.

here's how it works & what the formatting of the headings will look like:

Day – Activity/workout; Active Calorie Burn

then i'll give you a brief overview of what happened that day/why i chose that workout/orrr any day specific thoughts i have!  at the end i'll wrap it all up with my overall thoughts on the week or any goals i might have for the next week.  Questions?  leave them in the comments!  💃🏼 💦 💪🏻

M – 3 mile walk + total body cardio; 667 Move cals

I was scared about total body cardio and my knee feeling unstable during squats/kicks etc – but it ended up being really good!  this was a workout I tried to get out of and Frankie MADE me do, in the end I'm so glad I did it.

T – Upper Fix; 431 MOVE CALS

lately I've been looooving upper fix because it did nothing to my knee!  after this workout Frankie put together a spreadsheet to track our rep progression (so nerdy) and I'm sureee that'll be super motivating as we move forward with these workouts!

– 3 mile walk + Lower Fix; 676 MOVE CALS

wednesday i walked home from work and we tackled lower fix.  my knee felt pretty good throughout it and i was pretty pleased about that!

T – 3 mile walk + Pilates fix; 529 MOVE CALS

i loveeeee walking home from work so that's what i did on thursday! pilates fix was on the docket and autumn kickedddd my butt.

– 3 mile run + yoga fix; 642 MOVE CALS

UM friday was really freaking hot.  i went out for a run to see what i was going to be in for at the half marathon n Sunday and was KICKED in the butt with 85 degree weather.  i'm not a summer runner, i really struggle running through the heat (whichhhh is something i KNOW i need to get over if i'm training for the NYC marathon this year) and only making it 1.5 miles into the run before needing to stop because it was HOT was really discouraging.  thank goodness it wasn't foreshadowing..

S – 3 mile walk + dirty 30; 498 MOVE CALS

Saturday was a low-key pre-race day!  Frankie and i tackled dirty 30 in the afternoon and then later that day i went on a walk with my girl frannddd taylor who was running shape with me. we chatted about the race and life and it was justttt perfect.

S – Shape Women's half Marathon; 1,497 MOVE CALS

THIS HALF.  it was so amazing.  i got out there feeling super nervous because of friday's sub-par run and then proceeded to RUN the whole thing and PR (by only 10 seconds but still) it felt great to be out there running and my knee didn't hurt during the race (afterwardssss is another story for next week's recap, but let'sss just say i ended up bumping my PT session forward a week).

Total Miles: 16.1 (Running)

wrap-up thoughts:

can i tell you i almost didn't even write this post.  not because i'm too busy… because i'm in a workout/nutrition funk right now.   since the half marathon it's been hard to be motivated becausemy knee started flaring up again and i went to PT and didn't necessarily LOVE what he had to say (the basic overview was that i probably SHOULDN'T run my next half, i SHOULD take a few weeks off to heal, and i should avoid squats and lunges. ) but we can talk more about that later.

LAST WEEK was a great week and i just want to get back to it and stop feeling sorry for myself/discouraged.  that's the goal. easier said than done obvi.

to follow my journey check out my fitness instagram & facebook page.  && if you're ready to start on YOUR journey, i want to help!  fill out these questions and we can discuss programs, meal plans, or tips & tricks!