2016 gift guide: the lush



hi hi hi!  it’s gift guide week!  i know we’re in the second full week of december, so i tried to keep my gift guides primarily exclusive to amazon, more specifically i tried to find “prime eligible” options for these things.  prime is a BEAUTIFUL thing guys.  but also – it would be a GREAT gift to a person who doesn’t have prime… just a thought!  also if you use this link to give the gift of prime – they give you an option of 3 months for $33 or a full year for $90!

okay.  todayyyy we’re talking about gifts for the lush.  your drinking buddy, your bar friend, the girl who is PERFECTLY fine (or downright excited) about having a skype cocktail party from 3000 miles away! ❤️

soda stream. the soda stream is one of my favorite bar accessories.  even though i don't drink soda any more, its great for sparkling water and making mixers for cocktails!! i'm a HUGE fan.

copper mugs. i don't think it's any secret that i'm OBSESSED with copper right now.  but a copper moscow mule mug will NEVER go out of style.  like ever.

decorative cocktail shaker. i have a copper cocktail shaker for my bar and i loveeeee it so much.  but if you have a friend who likes to make drinks, i think this would be the perfect gift!

wine opener. we LOVE our electric wine opener.  my mom got it for us when i moved to NY.  i have a super fancy one that i got from Deb and Geoff and Cameron right before i moved back to the east coast, but we reserve that one for special occasions.  this one is what we use for… you know… those double bottles frankie buys on thursday nights.

a pretty pitcher.  full disclaimer, i haven't actually USED my pitcher because its SO PRETTY that i don't want to ruin it.  BUT i think it would be great for a specialty cocktail at a party… moscow mules – HINT HINT.

ice molds.  we love our tovolo ice cubes.  i think i even mentioned this is last years gift guide? maybe?  but i still LOVE the giant ice cubes and think they're stellar for cocktails.

wine glasses. <- those are the ones we use every day at home and loveeeee.  frankie bought two sets last christmas… and we haven't even opened the second set (this is me trying to tell you they're long lasting without jinxing it).  also for the destructive friend, these would be good!  and the friend who likes cold red wine but doesn't want to dilute.

mason jar sippy cup caps. to making it easy to take your cocktails to-go.

wine rack. because you gotta have somewhere fun to store your wine! (ours is a cheap one from ikea)

possibly the coolest coozie. REMEMBER THESE CUPS?  (i don't own this, but i saw it and HAD to share. so cute)

a decanter! for your super wine enthusiastic friends.  plus this one looks GORG (full disclaimer i don't own it.)

carry on cocktails! a friend of mine got me one of these right before i went to the UCE and i thought it was the SWEETEST thing.  even if your friends aren't going on a plane, any type of trip can be made amazing with this (boat, train, camper, whateverrrr)

a decorative way to store wine corks or bottle caps.  we use a giant wine glass to display ours (okay, half of ours)

drizly. for that last minute bottle of liquor you want to bring to the party! (P.S. that link gets you $5 off your first order!)

that's what i have for you today!! be sure to share your favorite cocktail inspiredddd gifts!

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