2016 gift guide: the planner



hi hi hi!  it's gift guide week!  i know we're in the second full week of december, so i tried to keep my gift guides primarily exclusive to amazon, more specifically i tried to find “prime eligible” options for these things.  prime is a BEAUTIFUL thing guys.  but also – it would be a GREAT gift to a person who doesn't have prime… just a thought!  also if you use this link to give the gift of prime – they give you an option of 3 months for $33 or a full year for $90!

okay.  todayyyy we're talking about gifts for “the planner.”  this is your friend who loveeeessss organization.  also it's really tailored to starting a bullet journal – it's sort of a “starter kit” if you will. i've gone through SO many different supplies since initially starting mine and now i have a set of stuff that is my “go-to.” (also, for those of you who aren't sure if the person would even like bullet journaling, i would have loved ANY of these things individually when i was using either the erin condren or the day designer planners.)  I'm exclusively planning through my bullet journal and really loving the concept.  eventually i'll get to putting together a post about how i use mine.  but if you're looking for inspiration – i learned the basics of what it is from kristen's post.  ANYWAY.  pens, paints, and notebooks, OH MY.  let's go!

Leuchtturm 1917 Notebook A5 Hardcover Dotted notebook.  i know what you're thinking – WOAH those are a lot of details… followed by, why this specific notebook?  well.  to be honest this is the first one i tried out (mine is berry colored) and i can't imagine bullet journaling in anything else.  i love that it's dotted and i loveeee that it's hardcover AND that the pages are numbered and it has an index.  i will be forever a leuchtturm girl.  

Staedtler Pigment Liners.  i tried out a few different pen types before settling on these for the everyday writing in my bujo.  i love that they rarely ever smudge when i use a brush pen to add color and i love the variety of widths in this pack.  also it probably sounds dumb, but i loveeee that i get so many inquiries about the pen case – it's so nifty!

Staedtler Triplus Fineliners.  now you're wondering how these are different from the pigment liners. wellll – they add color! they're wonderful to write with!  i initially bought them because jessica said she loves them as her new pens and i wasn't disappointed.  i have the pack with the pen case… and also this pack of 36 colors.  because i'm a psychopath.   

a little metal ruler. it's 4 bucks and SO worth it.  clean and straight lines are like my kryptonite.  seriously.

mini shape stencil.  i also have this little guy and it's great for clean shapes!

a book on hand lettering.  this book was fun for practicing and exploring different fonts!  but honestly a lot of what i learned was just from research online through blogs etc.   i DID just buy this hand-lettering workbook – but i haven't looked through it/used it yet, so i can't comment on how effective it is.

water colours and paint brush pens!

tombow brush pens.  okay SO i have so many versions of these and if you're in the market for it, i think any planner obsessed person would love this set of 96 of them (but it's like $150)… the different versions i have are as follows: grayscale, portrait, bright, secondary, and primary.  brush pens have changed the way i bullet journal!  and make practicing calligraphy SO MUCH FUN.  it's sort of like therapy doing this, i think it's why i love the style of planning so much!