Sunday Sprinkles



1.  GUYS it's crunch time….. i haven't christmas shopped yet…. AHH.  that's my plan tomorrow.

2. YES. crockpot holiday dinners.

3. we're having houseguests soon, so i've been spending all day today cleaning.  i never feel like this apartment is big… until i have to clean it.  woof.

4. is anybody doing the tone it up challenge in january?  i'm committing to it!

5. frankie and i are heading down to north carolina on wednesday to spend christmas with his family!  we'll see my family for new years this year.  i'm excited to have two weeks of vacation!  it's going to be so amazing to just relax.

6. i reallyyyyy want this pullover!

7. TV. wellllll. i've been watching christmas movies and like reality tv shows and the office andddd oh i'm watching sister wives right now.  i'm just enjoying tv freedom… i know i have a TON to catch up on.  but that'll be good for a rainy day.

8.  this couldn't have been more wrong. ketchup is NEVER the answer to this question.

9. um btw. that cupcake up top?  it was peanut butter chocolate fudge from two little red hens.  HOLY COW.