Columbus Day Sprinkles



1.  haiiiii it's ashley here bringing you the sprinkles post on columbus dayyyyyy.  i always feel weird about sunday sprinkles on long weekends (i'm sorry for everybody who had to work today, don't hate me!) and i choose to post them on the monday, but then i feel awkward like it's not the right day and i just idk.

2. is there anything better than a big bowl of pretty skittles? i bought frankie this back in college and we mix different flavor bags together for a flavor surprise!

3.  i get to put together a meal plan this week!  (which means i get to share it with you in a little whileeeeeee)

4.  i'm so jealous of everyone who gets to be back home at art festival this weekend.  SO JEALOUS.  next year i'm deff going.  i need an apple dumpling!!

5. last night we went to one of frankie's games over on randall's island and i forgot how cold it gets at night.  it's cray!  also i ran four miles and it felt great to run over on the island again!  did you guys ever start using charity miles?  frankie and i use it all the time (he even turns it on for the half of a mile he walks back and forth from getting us bagels on the weekends) and now that my marathon training “plan” is starting i'm ramping it up.  i'd love for you guys to join me (my team is #thepikeplacekitchen )

6. i did the fabfitfun (affiliate link FYI – gets you $10 off the first box!) subscription this week and i'm excited for my first box to come in!  i'll keep you updated OBBBVIIII.  and if you've used it before i'd love to know your thoughts! also on the subject of subscriptions, what else do you use?  have you done blue apron?  i've heard really good things but i wanna hear from YOUUUUUU.

7.  TV.  OMGGGGGGG well we spent most of our weekend watching homeland BUT tonight we caught up on…. HTGAWM and i can't even.  i NEED them to tell me who's dead.  NEED.  why haven't they?  also i need to know all the things.  also i need ollie and connor to be back together again.  whyyyyyyy.

8. No. Words. 👀😍

9. do you guys have an espresso maker?  i wanttttt one so i can make espresso martinis at home all the time.  what do you use?  TELL ME.

10. how pretty are the roses below?!  frankie got them for our anniversary a few weeks ago.  so cute.  😍🌹