Sunday Sprinkles



1.  CAN I GO TO ALL OF THESE?!?! two are in NYC so you know where i'll be for these cool fall weekends.

2. i'm sorrrrry.  i was AWOL this past week.  i promise you everything will go back to normal after i finish the final parts of this test for work in two weeks.  i can't wait to be normal and focus on the blog and social media and posting.  actually after the test is over one of my goals is to plan well enough to post TWO recipes a week!  would that be exciting to you guys?  what do you want recipes for?  tell me what you're craving.

3.  have you guys read the girl on the train?  i'm going to read it and i'm really excited.  tell me your thoughts.

4. can i just spend all day making these huge fluffy blankets?

5.  i went to oktoberfest out on bear mountain with my friend becca and her family this weekend and it was so cute!  frankie and i bought steins… because that's exactly what i need – more cups.

6. i want to pour this sauce over everything.

7.  okay so we have like this weird mosquito problem ONLY at night.  i can't figure out why.  apparently its a thing that happens in NY.  so what do i do?  is there like a way to trap mosquitos?  like i know bees you make a honey trap or flies you can do sugar water.  WHAT do i do?  we put up a net and i bought some sound thing that repels bugs.  but i want a natural candle or something that will deter them inside.

8. is blue eyeliner over?  cause i still love it.  sooooo i wanna keep wearing it and i don't care.

9. i sort of think i need this.  do i?  HALLLP.