Date Night

Date Night: Hummus Kitchen


Sometimes I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

And no, this is NOT going to turn into a romantic ode to that [admittedly awesome and sweet] boyfriend of mine.

I feel like the luckiest girl in the world because I might just have THE best friends. 

So when my top dudes decided to come for the weekend, I was SO EXCITED.To be honest, I think we all needed that weekend together.  We ground each other.  Not in a “you can't leave your room” kind of way, in a “it's okay – we're all going through similar things and you're totally not alone” kind of way, in a “I know like it seems like we have all our crap together but really we are all over the place” kind of way,  in a “I love you and will always be there for you through the worst of times and through the best of times” kind of way.  Most definitely in a “sure, you should finish that bottle of wine and chug another one until you're wasted and fighting Frankie for Ritz crackers” kind of way. 

When I was miserable and lonely and tired and emotionally drained out in Seattle, these girls were there for me.  They listened to me and told me that how I was feeling was normal and okay and it too would pass.  And it did.  It did pass.  Things got better for me. In a world that's constantly changing, I know we have each other.  And now a different one of us needs the support that our friendship provides.  So when she said “I need you guys,” we came together.  In that beautiful way friendship works, we were there for each other. 

I feel stronger when I have them around, I really do.  I feel blessed and lucky and so unbelievably grateful that we found each other.  Sometimes, I think about our friendship and could just cry because I'm so thankful.  (I'm pretty much thankful about everything these days.)And I'm also so, so, so grateful that I have a boyfriend who not only finds his own place in [but really on the outskirts of] our little group, but loves these girls almost as much as I do.  Who would protect them and defend them and even beat up anyone who hurt them (if I would let him).  But who also knows when to “go to bed” so we can have a therapeutic, alcohol-induced, three-way… crying session together. 

Did I get you with three-way?!  yeah… we're not like that, but I wanted to lighten the mood.

So like I said, this wasn't a romantic ode to Frankie… but an ode to my bestfriends, because I think Carrie had it right – they truly are my soul mates. 

Which is why I was more than happy to share last week's date night with them.

| Date: | 3/7/2015

| Time: | 4:27 pm

| Place: | Hummus Kitchen, UES

| Food: | Mediterranean

| Drinks: | Glass of Red Sangria [Ash] + Glass of House Red [Frankie] + Glass of Malbec [LJ – cause she's bougie]

| Dinner: |Mazze Trio (falafel, couscous tabule & oven roasted cauliflower + pita) [Ash & Frankie] + Falafel Laffa [LJ] + Moroccan Laffa [Britty]

| Dessert: | Baklava [to share]

We thought this place was SUPER cute.  After not being able to decide where to go for like 80 hours, and eating a super late breakfast, it definitely hit the spot.  Frankie and I shared an appetizer plate (primarily because I couldn't MAKE UP MY MIND with all the options) and everything was super good.  Falafel is usually hit or miss with me and I was pretty happy with this one.  I do think the tabule stole the show for me though, I was really into it… much like the orzo salad last week, which surprised me because I've been SUPER into roasted cauliflower lately.  That's not to say the cauliflower wasn't good because it wasssss… I was just more into the tabule.  LJ and Britt both said their meals hit the spot.  

Dat baklava doe. 

Full disclosure:  I have nothing to compare this to because this was my first baklava experience… but um. YUM. 

LJ basically cajoled the table into sharing it… but the waitress thought it was all for her and only brought one spoon.. hahahahhaha.    

After eating, we made our way to that art exhibit I told you I wanted to go to!  And then checked out the local bar we talked about!  And then we stopped into the grocery store so I could get things to make Moscow mules and snacky-snacks. 

When we got home, I made my favorite mustard pretzel dip (which I'll share soon!) and a bread + oil + spices plate.  We kept things casual and watched Pitch Perfect, while singing along and reciting all the lines we knew [and watching Frankie cry from laughter for like the 238957912940823rd time]. 

It was lovely, and perfect, and just exactly what we needed.