Sunday Sprinkles



1. I hope Sundays can always be boozy with the “I'm making pretzel dip and martinis at 10am… for the blog, duh” excuse.  Let's be real, if i can't use it as an excuse to recipe test martinis then what good is having a food blog?

2. Ikea is my fave and these ideas are genius.

3. I'm sorry I didn't post a recipe this week – there were some unexpected events happening and so I couldn't find the time [or the energy, if we're being honest] but I have some exciting stuff coming your way don't worry!  However, for the sake of being honest… don't be on the lookout for a date night post this week.  I was traveling all week for work and Frankie and I had a seriously busy weekend [Ikea always gets the best of me] so we stopped and ordered delivery from a couple of our favorite places instead of going out.

4. I'm still going strong on my no soda pact!  Woohoo.  I'm actually super proud of myself, it's been two and a half months!

5. I thought this was super interesting and I had goosebumps at the end.  it was powerful and moving.

6. mah gurl.

7. | Scandal | Chhhhyeahh.  WHAT WAS THAT ENDING.  WHAT DID IT MEAN.  i thought it meant she was going to go to Jake because of the beach scenes but then she saw Fitz too and now i'm like WOMAN MAKE UP YOUR DAMN MIND AND STOP PLAYING ME LIKE THIS.  ugh.  yeah. | Secrets and Lies | I STILL LOVE IT.  I'm still sort of thinking the younger daughter either did it or knows info she's not sharing or something or the sort.  Also, i thought nat's relationship with her dad's best friend is SUPER weird.  regardless of if anything happened, i get why Ben was so mad and freaking out and all that jazz.   | Mindy | um, frankie hadn't seen the show before I put it on today???? which makes me feel better about not having caught up till last week, but like WHAT?  who hasn't seen the Mindy Show?  oyyy.  i thought it was funny as usuallll.

8. I love that there are do's and don'ts and helpful tips on these!

9. do you guys ever get cuts on your fingers?  like slices?  like you accidentally picked up a razor and sliced the pads of your fingers but then you realize you haven't shaved all week and have been in a hotel for days so haven't been cooking and can't figure out what happened to you?  WHAT IS HAPPENING?!


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