my life as a new Yorker: week 6




Travel season.  I've spent most of the last week in CT (super close to home, home actually – so I was able to see my momma)! 

Um, hello – my name is Ashley and I've forgotten how to live in hotels.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE being home.  commuting to work has been vunder-bahh (<– I don't even know, but that's supposed to be wonderful?).  I love getting to organize and clean and COOK for myself, so when I had to hit the road again it was like culture shock. IMG_1438.JPG

I was talking to Frankie and telling him that like, I MISS VEGETABLES.  all week I wasn't paying attention to what I was eating and on Saturday I was eating a pizza (this has never, ever, EVER happened to me before) and I was like… “I wish I had a side of cauliflower.”  LIKE WHAT?!   WHAT THE ACTUAL WHAT?!? 

who am I?

and then I realized when I was working in New York I was eating a vegetable heavy diet.  just because they're easy and quick to cook. 

I don't even know kids, I don't even know. 

We're going to pretend this convo didn't happen. okay?  okay. IMG_1440.JPG

I spent Friday and most of Saturday on Long Island with the boyfrannnn and his fam-bam.  (I literally don't know what's happening to me…).  We went to ikea and target and all the wonderful places in the world and I bought LOTS OF STUFFSES.

Frankie told me in the most romantic voice, “ash, I really love… that you don't make me put this stuff together.”  As I'm hunched over an ikea bookshelf with my screwdriver and hammer.  isn't he lovely?

Truth is: I love putting it all together so it's okay.  IMG_1441.JPG

I would probably say the apartment is 85% finished right now…. until Frankie moves his crap in.  then everything goes out the window.  But so far I'm really happy with it all.

So far, I'm still LOVING work.  I'm being challenged and loving all the interesting work and new responsibilities and roles.  The people are super nice and everything seems like its coming together.  I liked being closer to home with this CT job, but I also really miss having tim to finish that remaining 15% of stuff to do in my apartment. IMG_1445.JPG

Frankie and I have season tickets to the NYCFC games in Yankee stadium.  The first game was last weekend and it was SO MUCH FUN.  a bunch of our friends have tickets too and it was nice to just get to hang out together.  They're gonna be CRAZY fun when the weather starts getting nicer – it was pretty cold when we went.  But they also won against the Revs which was awesome for our first home game!


turning things around to blog land, I was able to recipe test and photograph a few recipes last weekend which was super nice.  I'm still adjusting to the new lighting and finding the best way to pull it all together for nice pictures.  Um.. but i shot two recipes in ONLY manual which is a huge deal for me.  hopefully they look okay.  GAH.  okay.  

I tried to fit in a bunch of little things that I needed to touch on.  I hope I touched on everything!  IMG_1447.JPG

Which brings us to the end.  I've spent a lot of time thinking about these weekly updates and whether or not to continue with them.  I've LOVED writing them and I love having them to look back at, but I don't really know if it makes sense now that I've started traveling for work again.  I'm not spending as much time in New York, so I don't have as much to say.  When I was thinking about writing this post I struggled to come up with things to update you all on. 

So I'm thinking this is the end to the weekly updates.  I might come back with monthly updates or random weekly ones when things are happening, but they're not going to be a set thing anymore.  I'll definitely have a one year update and sporadic ones in between, but don't come back looking for weekly ones!  Any time I do post an update you'll see it on the facebook page and I'll reference it on insta & twitter, so I'll make sure you hear about it! 

It's been fun guys, but now it's time to spend more time exploring.