Date Night

Date Night: Ichiro


Date Night- Ichiro-2

I REALLY need to be more on top of my stuff guys.

It was a serious struggle to remember what special roll frankie and i got at this place… you know, because it was MONTHS ago.  side note: i still can't believe i've lived in new york long enough to be FORGETTING THINGS.. where does time go? for realz?

Date Night- Ichiro

can i say for realz?  or should i not? i probably shouldn't.  let's rewind.

where does the time go?

^see i can be normal.

Date Night- Ichiro-3

sort of.

Date Night- Ichiro-4

um, so.  remember the other day when I was telling you how much i've been craving sushi?  this date night is about sushi.  last night frankie and I got sushi. i think i'd be happy with just having a spicy tuna roll and a cucumber roll for every meal… with some pork dumplings and edamame of course…

Date Night- Ichiro-5

So let's get do this thing:

| Date: | May 16th, 2015 – I tolddddd you this would be another archived one!

| Time: | 6:39 pm

| Place: | Ichiro, UES

| Food: | Japanese/Sushi Bar

| Drinks: | beer [frankie] + water [ash – I KNOWWWW, but i really don't know actually… what was i thinking?]

| Appetizers: | edamame + spring rolls + gyoza + beef negimaki [to share]

| Dinner: |  cucumber roll + chicken tempura roll [ash] + angry dragon roll [frankie] + spicy tuna roll [to share]

| Dessert: | watermelon

Date Night- Ichiro-6

allllrighty.  SO.  frankie got a beer… a sapporo.  i drankkkkk water!  i'm crazy. i know.  sighhh. i hate saki (sake?).  andddd i wasn't feeling any of their beers/wine.

Date Night- Ichiro-7

the apps were okay – we weren't super into the beef negimaki but the edamame, spring rolls, and the gyoza were alright… not too memorable either way.

the sushi was top notch.  this was the first place I tried a chicken tempura roll and um, i sort of fell in love with it.  it's like my new favorite – even more so than the spicy tuna roll (which used to be my fave).  anddd i mean it's super hard to go wrong with a cucumber roll, so obviously there were no issues there.  Frankie's crazy one was cool.  it had shrimp tempura, crab, avocado and some other stuff in there too, he ate it all so it had to be good.  

Date Night- Ichiro-8

my favorite touch was them bringing out the watermelon at the end.  it was super cute and the fruit was actually really fresh and flavorful!  i love watermelon pretty much all summer long so that was a fun little surprise!

Date Night- Ichiro-9

wellp that's it for us this week.  tell me, where have you guys been going out lately?  tell me, tell me!