Sunday Sprinkles


 1. why do weekends literally FLY by?  i can never understand.  I feel like it was two seconds ago – no, two MILLIseconds ago that it was Friday.  and now its practically monday.  i can't deal.  i'm overrrrr being an adult, its the WORST.

2. I just made some of bevs diy coffee coconut scrub and it's NOT the worst.  it might be the best?  it smells HEAVENLY and let me tell you, i've never been more excited to take a shower in the morning.  also, i'm super happy that i've found a new use for all my leftover coffee grounds from my cold brew – i hate wasting them! oh, oh.  i added a couple drops of coconut extract to bevs recipe, you know to amp up the flavaa. <- i'm never going to do that again (maybe.)

3. speaking of things i've been making from other blogs…. these GINGER beergaritas… what?  it was national tequila day on friday… soooo i made a pitcher of these and they blew my mind.  I didn't have GM like jessica recommends so I used triple sec and squeezed a couple slices of orange zest over the pitcher to get those oils goin and then threw the rinds straight into dat pitcher and it was MARVELOUS.

4. i promise we'll move onto something else, but i need to let you know that i'm also making THESE next weekend.  i ran around like a drunk lunatic last night getting all the stuff i needed (i.e. lucky charms and cream of tartar and eggs) and forgot… THE MILK.  who does that?  its a KEY ingredient.  

5. i'm like OBSESSED with the idea of going Paleo for a few hot seconds guys.  have you ever tried?  is it the worst? how do you eat out?  what do you do when you're traveling?  i have all the questions and it seems like everyones like “plan plan plan” and eating out isn't hard if you “look ahead of time at the menu” and i'm like… you guys don't get it – sometimes my only options when i'm traveling is Subway.  or taco time. or apple bees.  it just seems really overwhelming.  is there a cheat sheet? HALP ME.

6. I WAS JUST LOOKING FOR A BUZZFEED ARTICLE TO SHARE AND SAW BOBBI BROWN JUST DIED?!  honestly, i didn't keep up with her story after the bathtub incident and i just read up on it and it's crayyyy how conflicting her relatives were with their stories on her condition. so sad.

7. TV. um. pretty much the same as normal.  we're into Sense8 right now, thanks for that one Britt.  but yeah, we're almost done with OITNB and i'm still trucking my way through bones.  we're just super boring over here.

8. we had the MOST amazing NY pizza that we've had in the UES… last night… at four AM.  our judgement might not be accurate on that one now that i'm thinking about it… but it was SO GOOD.  frankie had a chicken bacon ranch slice that was apparently TO DIE FOR.  my pepperoni slice was pretty top notch if i say so myself.

9. this is lyfe. yahhhhsssss. 

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