Date Night

Date Night: Taijiyama Sushi & Thai


Frankie and I are not decisive people.

we just aren't.

I tell myself that it stems from the fact that we both don't have crazy preferences or insane cravings.  Or that we just really would rather make the other person happy and place their needs and wants before our own (awwwww).  But I think we all really know it's just that making an executive decision is harder than letting someone else do it for you.  Amiright?  Can I get a “hell ye-” nevermind.  just… nevermind.  

I think Frankie doesn't like to make plans till the last minute because he thinks if we're not discussing it outloud I may just make up my mind on my own and take all the work away from him.  Would you believe he's never PLANNED a date?  like from start to finish said “be ready at this time we're doing ___ ___ and ___.  nope.  nada.  NO-SIR-EEE. 

I'm an incredibly lucky girl. <– sarcasm aside I really do believe this, but SERIOUSLY…. just one date.  

SO when WE are planning our date nights, I usually start off saying “what kind of food do you want?”  He says I don't know and then we usually sit there and stare at each other until one of us caves and says what we “could go for.”  It's a super fun time, everyone should join in and watch the grass grow.

This particular date night was his preference (we don't take turns or anything, he just happened to cave first).  With a shrug he says to me, “why don't we do sushi?  we haven't had that in a while.”

I of course am picking my jaw off the floor over the fact that he made a decision while I yelp some options by me.  I rely on yelp a LOT.  I really should be doing reviews for them, since I use them all the time.   

Anyway, I find one that looks good and call them up to make reservations (because I make the reservations in this relationship, I also wear the pants and the shorts and the skirts THANK YOU VERY MUCH).  This is the point where things start getting weird.  The receptionist takes down my reservation and goes “you know we moved right?”  I tell her no, I did not know they moved especially because the weekend before I saw them open at their location two blocks from me… She says “yeah we're at 1st between 81st and 80th now. 

We hang up and go on our merry way and life is good UNTIL later when we're trying to find the freaking restaurant.  I have to call back and ask where it is and she repeats “between 80th and 81st.”  I'm like okayyyy, I'm here, do you have an address?  A number?  GIVE ME A SIGN.  IS IT THE YELLOW AWNING BECAUSE NOTHING IS NAMED TAIJIYAMA.  she says yup the number is 1055 (or something like that).  I'm like THANK YOU FOR SAVING MY LIFE HERE LADY.  we hang up and go on our merry way and life is good UNTIL I realize there is no 1055.  and there are two places that look like they could be serving sushi right next to each other. 

womp womp.  

I pick the one that looks nicer and we walk in and sit down and look at the menu… it's STRICTLY sushi.  which I just can't handle.  I like sushi but you have to give me something on the side.  some fried rice.  potstickers.  SOMETHING.  I can't just do sushi.  and poor Frankie is looking at me like I'm going to start crying because I'm confused and stressed and know that I won't eat 99% of the things on this menu.  I don't cry.  He says “you know we can leave right.  we can just get up and go to the other place.”  I think about it, contemplate for a few minutes and ultimately decide I do actually need to eat a meal so I nod and we leave. 

I HATE DOING THAT.  I think it's SO RUDE.  and I HATE being that girl.   

We went to the other thai place with the yellow awning.  the servers were like “oh did you just call?!” so thankfully we were FINALLY in the right place.  and then we proceeded to order EVERYTHING.  ALL. THE. THINGS.

| Date: | 3/21/2015

| Time: | 7:26 pm

| Place: | Taijiyama Sushi & Thai, UES

| Food: | Thai

| Drinks: |water?  I KNOW, I KNOW.  We broke the rules!  but it was actually because they didn't have a drink menu…. or didn't offer us one at least?  it was bizarre.

| Dinner: | won ton soup [ash] + lobster king roll [Frankie] + gyoza + edamame + chicken pad thai + spicy tuna roll + cucumber roll [to share]

| Dessert: | rice crispy cone with cake batter ice cream from Emack & Bolio's [to share]       

Hoookay, so I'm gonna level with ya, the dinner wasn't out of this world  or anything.  I was a little turned off by how difficult it was to find it and all that jazz.  It was weird that there were two separate menus and we weren't offered drankkkkks (cause you know I love that part of the dinner).  

I will say that we liked the pot stickers (they're my fave fave, love me some potstickers) and the edamame.  The pad Thai was okay, when I reheated it later I added more soy sauce and garlic chile paste and it had more flavor.  The cucumber roll was good, but it's kind of hard to mess up a cucumber roll.  I was into the spicy tuna roll and Frankie said he liked the lobster roll.  Overall the food wasn't bad, but I'm pretty sure nyc can do better.

I'm still on the lookout for a killer spiked hot chocolate, but when I googled dessert these ice cream cones came up. 

Um.  Yeah would you pass that up?  I didn't think so.

It was delicious even in the cold!  

We had to stop to get some red wine for SOMEONE (not me) before going home and watching our shows like a cute married couple.  Cue the awe's please.

Who else is dating out there?! Send me dinner recommendations!