Sunday Sprinkles


 1. I think I might be THE WORST girl ever.  this week I ripped through like 8 pairs of tights.  just kidding more like 3, BUT STILL.  can I be less classy?  no.  the answer is no.  Also, what even ARE heels?  I've been trying to wear them because, you know, I'm twenty-four years old and think it MIGHT be time to learn how to walk in them but… why?

2. I went to bingo with my grandma this weekend, but we didn't win anything… super big bummer I know.


4. so I've been in a super weird mood all weekend and I think it might have something to do with the lack of workouts I've been completing.  which sounds CRAZY.  but I skipped my kayla's workouts this week because it just was too crazy and now I'm like all over the place. I need to get back on track asap.  aka tomorrow.  oh and my skipping the last week in pre-training means my post about it will probably be postponed till next week!

5. oh jesus.  I watched the glee finale.  I haven't watching in FOREVER, but I'd heard good things about the finale and how it could be therapeutic and oh. my. god.  I cried through pretty much the entire two hours.  it was so awful.  I was sitting there just bursting into tears at every mention of finn and every time they'd sing and DONT EVEN GET ME STARTED ON DONT STOP BELIEVING.  who said that was okay?! WHO?!  I couldn't even.  I still can't even.  my boyfriend thinks I'm insane… obvi.

6. in case YOU think I'm insane over glee just like skip to number one on this list.  argument over.

7. um.  are you going to freak out if I say I HAVENT WATCHED ANY OF MY SHOWS?  you should.  I am.  Frankie watched without me.  what even is that?  its not a thing.  i didn't go back to New York this weekend so we didn't get to have our Friday night catch up session on the couch and I feel slightly betrayed?  I don't know how to feel.  DONT TELL ME ANYTHING ABOUT THE SHOWSS.

8. instead of doing a date night post this week, I'm thinking of just listing out some of my favorite MUST eat at places in RI.  what do you thinkkkk? 

9. real life: Frankie and i wore matching outfits today on accident.  he showed up wearing a navy shirt and black pants… which literally happened to be the ONLY clean clothes i had left in my suitcase….

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