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exactly how i make my bone broth


bone broth - homemade!-5

is this even a real recipe?  probably not.  it might not even be the “right” way to do this… i might be wasting a post on this… wahhh. but i think its really important and i'm telling you EXACTLY how i do it!

have you heard about bone broth?  it's all the rage right now, but i guess i don't even really know the difference between bone broth and you know… chicken broth?  i think they're the same thing.  maybe?  as in i'm assuming you can swap this homemade version anywhere you use the store bought stuff (or at least i do!).

bone broth - homemade!

alright i did a quick and dirty google search and BASICALLY… bone broth is a hybrid between stock and broth – but my general impression isssss that i'm right! you can use it in place of chicken stock.  the benefit of bone broth is that by roasting the bones and simmering them you release nutrients and minerals you really can't get from many other places (gelatin, glucosamine, and other amino acids that totally help heal your gut – i'm definitely paraphrasing)!  You still get that chicken flavor, especially if you have some meat leftover on the bones – so you don't have to worry about compromising on that!

it's warm and it's healthy and it's so so delicious in soups (i made a batch of my roasted chicken soup the other day & um bravo for paleo posted a cauliflower soup that uses bone broth today too)! 

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I love that it freezes well (i just cool it after it's finished and then put it in ziplock bags and lay them flat in the freezer!) and i love that it's SOOOO easy. like i'm talking, basically no work easy.

also, it's a great way to get rid of the vegetables that you might have left in the crisper a little too long and wouldn't eat.  whenever i start seeing my veggies do a little downhill I chop them up and put them in the freezer (same with chicken bones when i'm making thighs or drumsticks and don't have enough for a full batch!) then when i roast a chicken and decide to make broth i can just pop them out of the freezer and into the pot, no thawing required!

i'm actually starting to feel pretty under the weather and i'm SO happy i have a bunch of this stashed away to help me get back to feeling my best.

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i can't just straight up drink it because it seems weird to do.  but um, can we talk about how it makes my kitchen SMELL SO GOOD. like pretty much good enough to drink… i just haven't taken the plunge yet.  if i do… i'll let you know how it goes.  

but for now i'm okay making soup.  

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also, if you want to learn more about the benefits of bone broth – you can learn a ton from the books in my whole30/paleo cookbook giveaway!

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Bone Broth

  • Author: Ashley Renee
  • Prep Time: 15
  • Cook Time: 240
  • Total Time: 4 hours 15 minutes


  • 1 roasted chicken, meat removed
  • water
  • 23 celery stalks, cut into 2 inch pieces
  • 1 cup carrots, cut into 2 inch pieces (or use baby carrots!)
  • 1 cup onion, diced
  • 1 sprig of rosemary
  • salt & pepper


  1. After you finish roasting the chicken and removing the meat place the bones/carcass into a stock pot. Add in the juices from the bottom of the roasting pan.
  2. Fill the pot with water until the bones are completely covered. Add in the celery, carrots, onions, and the sprig of rosemary. Season with salt and pepper if desired.
  3. Bring the contents to a boil and then reduce to a simmer. Simmer for at least 4 hours (ideally, you would simmer overnight).
  4. Strain the bones, vegetables, and herbs out of the broth. Use immediately in place of stock or store refrigerated in airtight containers for 3-5 days or freeze for up to 6 months.


  • Calories: 267
  • Sugar: 14
  • Sodium: 390
  • Fat: 4
  • Saturated Fat: 1
  • Unsaturated Fat: 2
  • Trans Fat: 0
  • Carbohydrates: 28
  • Protein: 30
  • Cholesterol: 73

bone broth - homemade!-6

it's like a perfect cup of fall and winter bundled up on a couch with a sweater blanket, scarf, and macintosh yankee candle burning…. well…. fall escalated quickly.

Make it? Lemme see it! Hashtag it: #thepikeplacekitchen