Sunday Sprinkles




  1. WE GOT NEW IPHONESSSS.  (and they're SO pretty – i got rose gold and am OBSESSED).  I also think it's HILARIOUS that they're calling it bros' gold.  HAHAHA.
  2. this is actually my life.
  3. so i feel like i saw a hocus pocus drinking game at one point. does anyone know where to find it because the 13 days of halloween lineup has hocus pocus in there QUITE a bit and i'm not mad about it.  at all.
  4.  I'm going home this thursday and i'm SO excited about it.  I'm doing ALL the fall things and it sounds so glorious and like exactly what i'm looking for.  It's been so cold outside lately and i just can't take it.  i wanna bundle up with my sweater blanket (which i'm doing right now) and watch fall tv (which i'm about to do) and burn a macintosh apple candle (excuse me one sec while I get up to do that – okay we're good) ALL SEASON LONG.  but seriously, i just got back from frankie's soccer game and i'm fairly sure they played in an ice box.  hockey anyone?
  5. if you haven't commented on this post to tell me what book you'd like to win out of the four i'm giving away, what are you waiting for???
  6.  so lately i've been wedding obsessed.  as in, planning an enchanted garden backyard wedding in a secret SECRET pin board (i already had a secret board that i shared with my friends for wedding stuff).  HALP MEEEE.  
  7.  hoookay. TV. um | HTGAWM | is still holding its spot as my FAVORITE of the fall tv shows.  i love all of it.  and i'm so freaking confused about the ending.  | scream queens | i think this show is SO WEIRD… but also strangely funny?  i can't figure it out at all.  but I'm slightly okay with that…  |Scandal | it was nice to be back to a normal case for once.  it actually made me like the show for an episode.
  8.  #16 is my dream kitchen. + accents from 26 & 12 
  9.  I know this post is like ALL linked up, but there were so many things to share – so here have an easy guide to going paleo… because i think it's relevant.  and totally not foreshadowing to my reintroduction post.  (but really, its not.)
  10. YES.

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