January Obsessions


SO we're 11 days into February and I'm FINALLY ready to talk about January haha!  todayyyyy i'm sharinggggg what i loved in January, my obsessions of the month.  Sort of like the new version of sunday sprinkles… like everything that i'm using on the regular or new things that i tried and loved. if you guys like these kinds of posts i'll start sharing them monthly!

my away suitcase um.  i'm in love.  i really didn't want to tell you guys about this suitcase until i had used it once or twice.  i lived out of this thing over the holidays – FOR LIKE TWO STRAIGHT WEEKS… and it's a CARRY ON size.  what?!?  but its so organized and i love that and it moves through airports, sidewalks, streets like a charm.  definitely one of the best roller bags i've had over the years.  UM and it charges my phone!! what more could i need?!

on the subject of bags, my dagne dover.  UGH i love love love this bag (i have the white 13″).  so it has ALL the pockets and it doesn't stain and i just feel so organized.  i really want another one (i'm watching the colors for spring) and i'll probably get the bigger size because i *can't* justify a reason i'd need two of the same size… but I have the 13 inch right now and its PERFECT.  my work computer is a little bulky so it's a little tight with that, but my macbook fits just perfectly.  also the key hook is a lifesaver. AND UM ALSO the coffee holder?! what?! it's also SO easy to clean, just wipe it down with water and you're good to go.  i've gotten compliments on the street for this bag too which NEVER happens to me.  so there's that.

my lululemon wunder under high-rise pants.  i think these pants were like made for me.  i'm wearing the desert olive ones right now.  but i also have another pair that is like a dark teal ish color (in the pic below).  i honestly NEVER want to take these off.  ever.  they're soft and basically SO tight it feels like they're a part of your skin.  i have no other words to try and describe this.

OH my samsung camera!  i love this little guy.  i'm sure i've talked about it before, but i love love LOVE how easy it is to get the pictures over wifi.  and it takes amazing photos.  i had it with me over the holidays.  also basically any pictures on the blog insta are exclusively taken with this camera (unless they're brought down from a blog post in which case they'd be from my nikon).

i'm going to do a whole post on my bullet journal and what's working for me and what not, but over January specifically, i used a “habit tracker” and it was SO motivating.  i also set monthly goals that correspond to my annual goals.  the bullet journal just gave me SO much freedom to create my goal planning/tracking progress the way i wanted to.  are you guys into goal planning? do you like that?

i read the girl on the train and LOVED it.  however, i will say that i started it a few months ago, put it down because i just couldn't get into it.  the structure was difficult to get used to, like the timelines that keep shifting around, BUT once you get into it it's VERY intriguing.  i also watched the movie right after and was disappointed about everything that was left out.  that's not surprising though, i ALWAYS feel like the book is better.  Always.

i feel like there's an obligation here to tell you that i loved the tone it up workouts this month… but i really did.  it's almost second nature now.  i had a perfect move month in january and (according to my bujo habit tracker) i worked out every single day.  it was such a refreshing start to the year and i feel like i'm in a much better place.  OH and i'm training for like 5 half marathons right now so theres that too.  i'll do a whole post on fitness/working out etc.  but i'm pretty excited that my good habits paid off – i lost 10 pounds!

um january also definitely was dominated by shakeology!  i started drinking it probably a week into the month and i'm 100% hooked.  i even signed up to be a coach so i'll get the discount.  🙈 it's pricey (like $4 a shake) but i tell myself i'd spend more than that on a latte and/or a bagel in the city so it could definitely be worse.  plus its the only protein powder/shake that i've actually liked the taste of.  if you're thinking about trying it out let me know!  i can only speak from my own experience, but i get why there's a cult following now.  i'll probably do a post on exactly how i make mine sometime soon 👯  – also when i joined i did the all access challenge pack (its $200) so i'm get access to ALL of their workouts, including the premium ones, for a whole year (plus the $200 included a bag of shakeology and my coaching fee was waived and a shaker bottle and the 21 day fix containers) which is a GREAT deal & will only be available through February so if you're interested… let me know!

my skin has been SO dry but exfoliating with acne pads has really helped, plus my josie maran argan oil stuff AND this “healing ointment” (but i only put that on when i'm like in the apartment for the night and not going anywhere because its greasy and almost like vaseline?

i did dry january!  i think it really helped me commit to my workouts/healthy eating.  i just felt SO done with alcohol after months of celebrating our engagement and then the holidays.. ugh. it felt really nice to detox.  i'll do a post about working out/fitness/health soon, but i really loved this!

I think that's all i really have for January! what are you guys loving?!? tell meeeee.

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