Meal Plan / Toppings

Meal Plan Monday


hi guys!! i'm checking in while watching the bachelor to share my meal plan from two weeks ago!  (i apparently didn't feel like meal planning last week?)  i'm super excited to start posting these again.  oh and yes.  recipes will be coming back this week.  i have TONS of stuff i'm excited to share with you.

i try to meal plan every sunday night & do my best to stick to the plan i create.  it helps keep me on a schedule and let’s me start my week off on the right foot.  I share those plans with you guys on mondays, in short and sweet posts– with links to recipes when applicable.

so let’s get down to it!

oh & in case you’re wondering – this is the meal planning pad i use!

Sunday – Honey Mustard Chicken w/ Brussels Salad (i'm annoying i knowwww but this is coming your way soon.  i loved it so much i've eaten it a TON and meal planned to have it twice this week)

Monday – Shawarma Brussels Bowl (chicken shawarma from Jenn) we loved this!

Tuesday – Onion Chicken Drumsticks | i just literally pureed an onion and some garlic and ginger and put it on drumsticks!

Wednesday – my fave garlic onion chicken + veggies

Thursday – leftovers

Friday – Honey Mustard Chicken w/Brussels Salad

Saturday – leftovers

side note, cannnnn you tell that brussels sprouts have been on sale?  i've been loving on them for like weeks now.  i really love them as a slaw.  SO MUCH.

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