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Meal Plan Monday


it's meal plan monday!

i try to meal plan every saturday (i used to meal plan on sundays but now my groceries are delivered on sundays!) & do my best to stick to the plan i create.  it helps keep me on a schedule and let’s me start my week off on the right foot.  I share those plans with you guys on mondays, in short and sweet posts– with links to recipes when applicable.

so let’s get down to it!

oh & in case you’re wondering – this is the meal planning pad i use!

Sunday | Roasted Cauliflower Soup + Sausage

monday | Turkey Burgers & Roasted Veggies

tuesday | Filet mignon & veggies (V-day ❤️)

wednesday | Instant pot Beef Stew (want the recipe?!)

thursday | pizza night

friday | Asian chicken salads (want the recipe?!)

saturday | leftovers!

how do you guys feel about the new formatting?!  i'm digging it a lot.  OKAY.  this week was SO GOOD on the food front.  for valentines day we had skinnytastes filet mignon (the only change i make is finishing it in the oven with a small pad of butter on top).  there are two tentative recipes i can share with you if you're interested: the instant pot beef stew (SO GOOD) and those asian chicken salads! let me know what you guys think!

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