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Meal Plan Monday


it’s meal plan monday!  i try to meal plan every saturday (i used to meal plan on sundays but now my groceries are delivered on sundays!) & do my best to stick to the plan i create.  it helps keep me on a schedule and let’s me start my week off on the right foot.  I share those plans with you guys on mondays, in short and sweet posts– with links to recipes when applicable.

so let’s get down to it!

oh & in case you’re wondering – this is the meal planning pad i use!

SUNDAY | Last Celebration! (frankie's b-day)

MONDAY | Garlic Onion Chicken

TUESDAY | chicken souvlaki meal kit

WEDNESDAY | asian chicken salad

THURSDAY | southwest chicken salad

FRIDAY | chicken basil meatballs

SATURDAY | 21 day fix chicken marsala

hiiiii! please excuse the droplets/scribbles on the meal plan it's real life! soooo last week was pretty on point, with the exception of the chicken meatballs! i didn't end up actually making them! oh and we ended up doing a date night on friday! and also on saturday we didn't end up eating chicken marsala we made theseeee tortilla pizzas to carb-load before my half marathon!  so maybe we didn't follow the meal plan? HA. but i dooo need to tell you guys that i'm LOVING these salad kits from earthbound! (i get them delivered from freshdirect) and i almost always put some tessemae's marinaded chicken and avocado in them and it brings me LIFE.  yes.  oh and the souvlaki chicken meal kit was from freshdirect and SO good.  frankie and i were all about it.

ALSO. ha. i made a mistake in the collage, i thought these amazingggg chicken avocado peanut salads were on my meal plan last week so i put one of jessica's pics in the collage 😂 THATS what i get for not TRIPLE checking… but you should make that salad anyway because OMG.

Make it? Lemme see it! Hashtag it: #thepikeplacekitchen

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