Workout Wrap-Up


HIIIIII.  as you can tell from this post one of the things that has really changed in my life over the last few months is my focus on health in general.  I've been working out consistently and eating healthy (80/20 for the win here) for the last four months and I'm seeing amazing results.  its wild what a small shift in how you look at food and workouts can change everything.

ALSO.  if you're interested in the programs/meal plan that i've been following that have helped me achieve those results ^^ email me at 💕

one of the things I've always wanted to share more of was my fitness journey.  or my health journey?  idk what one it technically is.  EITHER WAY.  I'm going to be sharing a weekly recap of my workouts on Wednesdayyys. as always I welcome your feedback!  Do you love it? Do you hate it? TELL ME YOUR THOUGHTS.  im very needy.  I'm sorry.

here's how this series is gonna be formatted:

Day – Activity/workout; Active Calorie Burn

then i'll give you a brief overview of what happened that day/why i chose that workout/orrr any day specific thoughts i have!  at the end i'll wrap it all up with my overall thoughts on the week or any goals i might have for the next week.  Questions?  leave them in the comments!  💃🏼 💦 💪🏻

M – 3.5 Mile Walk; 451 move cals

on Monday I was really suffering from pain that I thoughtttt was from my knee.  I kept it simple – I  knew I was going to the doctor on Thursday to get myself checked out and didn't feel like it made sense to push too hard before then.  so I committed to spending this week hitting my move calorie goal any way I could.

T – 3 mile walk; 438 move cals

I was still a little uncomfortable on Tuesday, but decided to walk home that day too.  my apple watch is really weird with the distances when I'm walking home – I'm sure its a function of me walking different ways, but its still odd.

W – 3.1 mile walk; 440 move cals

my brother came to visit! he got here on Wednesday, but I still walked home from work to make sure I hit that move goal.

T – 1 mile walk + arms; 464 move cals

THURSDAY. so this is the day that I went to see Dr. Rosen, a sports medicine/orthopaedic surgeon in NYC.  since the NYC half marathon in March, my knee has been flaring up after EVERY run.  including the 5k I did on Easter (see Monday's pain).  I was finally talked into seeing a doctor for it and I'm SO glad I did.  They took x-rays (which showed I have perfect knees) and then the doctor did an ultrasound on my knee tissue.  turns out its not my knee at all, its my IT band.  I have ITBS and it's inflamed around the outside of my knee (the ultrasound showed liquid there).  when I told Dr. Rosen that I'm supposed to run another half on the 30th (this sunday) he suggested a shot of cortisol in my knee.  he also gave me anti-inflammatory meds and suggested going back to physical therapy.  the shot definitely made my knee feel weird so I focused on arm toning later in the day and tried to stay off my feet as much as possible!

F -2 mile walk; 495 move cals

this was frankies birthday!  we walked around the city a little bit (aka bar hopped) and all the movement at the bar got me past my move calorie goal!

S -3.5 mile walk; 420 move cals

Saturday was an… immobile day.  I was down for the count most of the day and felt like death.  too many margaritas.  later in the day Frankie and I ventured outside to get sandwiches and walked around a bit.


we had an NYCFC game on sunday & walking around to get there put me past my goal so I considered it a rest day.

Total Miles: 16.1 (walked)

wrap-up thoughts:

honestly this week was a bit of a bummer for me. I prefer a more active week with specific workouts and RUNNING.  a full week without a run is an anomaly now. im really nervous that the IT band injury has set me back a lot (I haven't been training as consistently as I like to) and I'm worried it'll get in my head when race day shows up on sunday.  luckily for me I have another half in may that will make up for the upcoming one and my knee already feels a TON better so I can get back into training soon. this week will be better I'm sure & i'll deal with these things as they come along.

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