Monday Things


1. I know I briefly mentioned it before, but I just wanted to take a second to honor my Uncle Craig.  He was an amazing man with so much love for everyone he knew.  I have so many memories with him that I feel blessed to have.  He was my godmother's husband and my best friend's uncle.  My best friend and I were the flower girl's at his wedding and he watched us grow up together.  He battled cancer for four long years.  I already miss him so much and it's awful not being able to be with my family during this time.  He will always live in my heart.  Rest in Peace Uncle Craig, I love you. 

Uncle Craig 2.  On an opposite note, can someone please explain to my why I am so obsessed with pregnant bloggers?  I'm such a little voyeur.  Sorry, I'm not sorry.

3.  So incase I haven't said it enough, I had my first Trader Joe's experience the other day… and I LOVED IT.  It's like a foodie's Disney World.  Everything was sooooo cheap.  I couldn't have been happier.

4.  If you accepted 200 egg rolls as a bribe what would you do with them all?  I'm just curious.  I'm not a huge egg roll fan, but I don't think I've ever met anyone who could eat 200.  How long to those suckers stay good?  Do you think she froze them or something?  I bet she has a freezer filled with enough egg rolls to keep her alive for a month. 

5.  Have you ever had a blog that you LOVED to read and then they became an “ambassador” or a “recipe curator” for certain products and all of a sudden all of their posts revolved around products you don't own/have no interest in owning?  Ugh.  I have.  I promise to NEVER do that to you guys… Like EVER.  Not that I'm getting offers from anyone over here, but if I ever do they won't dominate my posts.  I solemly swear.  (You can quote me on this in a few years if you want).

6.  Frankie and I have been talking about going on vacation together for almost two years now.  I JUST WANT TO GO ALREADY.  Get your butt in gear Frankie.  I just want him to start his job so we'll know what his annual leave options will be/plan a trip.  I save up my cash back from my discover card for vacations because those dollars DOUBLE towards a cruise.  Pretty awesome if you ask me.  LET'S GO FRANKIE.  I want to go somewhere with a beach, that's really my only prerequisite.  What cruise lines are your favorites?  I've done a Royal Caribbean cruise, but that's it.  I like to know my options :)

7.  I know I've talked about my new-found obsession with Chobani quite a bit.  But here's the thing.  I used to think I HATED yogurt.  But now I think I've finally figured out what my real feelings are.  I HATE yogurts with fruit in them.  The fruit gets all soggy and it's just… gross.  I hate the texture.  It's been sitting in the liquid for WAY too long.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE fruit in my yogurt… but if I want it there I'll cut up some fresh strawberries and put it in there myself.  Geesh.  (I don't know why I'm so mad about that, I just really wanted to like the Chobani Strawberry and Honey Oats Flip but there were strawberries in there and I was SO upset I didn't even finish it.  UGH.  Still love my key lime though!) However, I do think I came up with a solution I can live with: because I'm a hoarder I bought two of the strawberry Chobani Flips before I knew if I liked them so I froze the second one and ate it as frozen yogurt.  I'm a genius, I know.

8.  Also, I know that everyone is freaking out about Google Reader going away on Monday, but I'm about to confess what I feel like is a blogging sin.  I never used it.  So I'm not upset like everyone else is.  HOWEVER, I did start using Bloglovin after I started self-hosting my blog and OHMYGAWD its awesome.  I know everyone else is mad because it doesn't have some of the Google Reader features they loved, but I don't know about those features.  Ignorance is bliss.  If you don't use some form of a blog reader you NEED to.  It has changed my world.  Follow my blog on bloglovin and you'll see.  It's magical.  AND it's cool because it still gives the blogs credit for the page visits which is nice. 

9.  Does laying on my yoga matt watching mistresses while drinking ridiculous amounts of water count as exercise?  In my world it does.  #healthygirl #fitlife

10.  Everyone knows about my Cory Monteith and Lea Michele/justgleeingeneral obsession so HOW did I NOT know that Lea was writing a book?!?  Where the hell was I?!?  Guuuuuuurllllll, a book and an album??  Areyoutryingtokillme?  Woah.  Okay, I think I've accepted it and moved on… sort of.  GAHHHhhHhh. okay now I'm done.  My obsession (which I have been hiding in the dark for the past few months) has been rekindled.  I CAN HEAR YOU GROANING AND I DON'T CARE.  I want to rewatch all of the seasons because I'm psycho and my obsession with Finchel wasn't satisfied with season four (cough, itsucked, cough, IhopeBrodybreaksalegandfallsdownaflightofstairs, cough).

11.  Yesterday I went to Seattle's Pride Parade and Pride fest and had SO much fun.  Laura and I watched the parade from our favorite bar, Frolik, and enjoyed a few cocktails.  It was also Sunday Sundae at Cupcake Royale… so we both NEEDED to get cupcake sundaes… nom nom nom.  Then we went to the Old Crow Medicine Show concert at Woodland Park Zoo and had SO much fun.  It was really hot out and so we were both dying but after the sun went down and we were shaded it was like pure bliss.


12.  I accidentally dropped a ton of money in a few stores this weekend…  It fell into the hands of the cashiers who promptly gave me: a new purse, a new ring, three new pairs of earrings, three new pairs of shorts, a bajillion new shirts, two new dresses, a belt, an apron, and a set of popsicle makers.  Oops. IMG_0750

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