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What I Ate Wednesday: In My Own Domain


Hi Guys… (I feel like I'm sneaking into the back of the class hoping the teacher didn't notice I was late).  I never meant to leave ze blog for almost TWO WHOLE WEEKS.  I traveled to New York two weekends ago for my boyfriend's graduation party, then I jet-setted over to Chicago, or Chi-town as the locals call it, for a week of work training.  Also, I've been pretty upset/distracted over the passing of my Uncle who lost a long battle with cancer on Friday and I just haven't been able to focus on posting.  But, I'm back now and that's all that matters right?  Especially when I have news (is it really news if I'm just telling you something you can probably deduce for yourself?  We're just gonna say yes.)!    

Do you remember when I promised you like eighty billion times that things would be changing over here?  Well I meant it.  I now am the proud owner of: “” and my own domain/server/whateverletsmerunthissite (I'm obviously very tech savvy)!  Kind of cool, ey?  I thought so.  I've been working for almost a month to get the site working the way I want it to… all. by. my. self.  Are you proud?  Which is probably why there's a bajillion things wrong so don't be proud.

SOOOO.  Obviously, there are a few new (really cool) features, and I plan on telling you ALLLLLLLL about them.  Later.  Right now we have a party to get to.  A link up partayyyy.

I'll try to stop thinking I'm hilarious (because I'm SOooOOooOO mature now that I OWN my own little corner of ze internet).  I wouldn't hold your breath.

Without further ado (yes, I googled the proper spelling without knowing I'd stumble into a huge controversy), here is What I Ate Wednesday Monday:


IMG_0666   IMG_0669 (8:03 am)For breakfast I enjoyed two pieces of Italian Bread (from Trader Joe's because I had my first experience there and it was just as amazing as Caitlyn said it would be) toasted with super chunk peanut butter and banana slices.  (9:29 am) My coworker/former boss (ahem, Jeremy, cough) apparently didn't learn his lesson about the correlation of my giggle fits and sugar intake.. so he gave me some lemon heads.  Best. Candy. Eva.

Lunch Lunch & snacks

(11:44 am) Let me tell YOU about MY lunch.  I made myself a HUGE salad.  As in, I REALLY overestimated how much this little container could ACTUALLY fit.  My salad had red onions, carrots, tons of cucumber, green pepper, and a couple chopped up chicken fingers from my dinner out on Friday.  I used the Trader Joe's Cilantro Dressing, which was really good… but I felt like I'd like it more on chicken or something.  I don't really like heavy dressings on my salads.  (12:06 pm) I also munched on a few chopped up organic strawberries. Nom, nom, nom.

Afternoon Snacks

(2:10 pm)  I snacked on some Sour Cream & Onion potato chips, which I like now?  My boyfriend is corrupting my tastebuds.  I guess it's only fair because he can now down a bag of Salt & Vinegar chips like no one's business thanks to me.  


(7:03 pm)  SO dinner.  I spent a few hours in the kitchen on Monday trying to come up with some new recipes for you kids.  I ended up just munching on the results.  I had half a pretzel crusted pork chop, which was DELISH (recipe coming).  I had to stop myself from eating it.  It was an issue.   Pork Loin Chops DSC_0381 (7:44 pm) Then later, I munched on the breakfast skillet I made out of left over tater tots and fries.  I threw in some bacon and eggs (shocker of the century I know… the eggs not the bacon… however, the eggs were cooked in the bacon grease so don't be too surprised) and tons of veggies.  Pour a little siracha on top and you're good to go.  I'm gonna end up re-working this recipe with potatoes and not leftovers… it was a bit too greasy for my taste.  Zucchini counteracts fat right?  Right.  Glad we're in agreement.  Breakfast Skillet 6-24 DSC_0385


(10:01 pm)  I was too full after my dinner to even have dessert.  I heard all those gasps… keep them to yourself people, this happens occasionally never.

Fewf.  Well, I'm glad to be back & excited for the new realm of self-hosting my blog.  If you notice anything that's off [or just have suggestions] please email me or comment or something!  But that's it for my What I Ate Wednesday, but click on over to Jenn‘s page to catch up on other What I Ate Wednesdays!