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What I Ate Wednesday


It's Wednesday, which means Jenn is hosting What I Ate Wednesday.  I know… I know.  You've been anxiously awaiting this post ALLLLLLL week long.  (aka you stumbled on my blog in the array of Jenn's loyal link-up-ers and are probably navigating away now).  Well here it is guys….

So let's dive right in, this is What I Ate [last] Wednesday.

Breakfast 6-11


(10:05 am) So.  I was really busy Wednesday morning an I had to just grab a Special K Bar for breakfast.  This is my go-to when I don't have any fruit around or the stuff for peanut butter toast.  I don't really like doing this because I'd rather eat something more substantial for my first meal, but like I said I was swamped at work.  I really love the Chocolately Drizzle Bar.  It's one of my favorites.

Lunch 6-11


(11:51 am) I was super hungry around lunch time because my breakfast was so skimpy, so while I was waiting for my lunch I snagged a hamburger bun.  (12:04 pm) Lunch was a chicken patty with buffalo sauce and lettuce.  Laura and I have both been craving buffalo sauce like no other lately, so when she mentioned that this was going to be her lunch I jumped on that bandwagon.  I used to have these for dinner all the time when my mom worked late during high school.  And oh, the fond memories I have of Chicken Patty Tuesday in Salmo (my college's dining hall).  Theres just nothing better.  (12:10 pm)  I also snacked on a few Tostito's chips.  There wasn't any salsa so I snacked on these plain.


Afternoon Snacks

(2:29 pm)  I got hungry again later on in the afternoon so I munched on some pretzels and hummus.

Dinner 6-11


(4:48 pm)  Dinner was actually two mini meals.  After work I heated up some chicken potstickers that I made in bulk a few weeks ago and threw in my freezer, I had these with a glass of apple juice and a quick dipping sauce I threw together.  I LOVE making these because I LOAD them up with veggies.  Theres tons of broccoli, carrot, and onion in there (remember last week when I told you I'm trying to trick myself?  This is what I was talking about).  Don't worry.  The recipe is coming your way soon.  They're actually super easy to make and they freeze really well, which made it an easy and quick dinner for me while I was trying to prep my meals for the rest of the week.  (7:26 pm)  I spent a couple hours prepping chicken kebabs to make myself a bunch of rice bowls for lunch and dinner throughout the week.  When the stuff was done I threw together a quick plate for myself.  My kebabs have chicken, red onion, green pepper, red pepper, and zucchini, which I put on top of a serving of rice and broccoli.  I ate this with a glass of refreshing water and grapefruit mint ice cubes to drink.



(10:01 pm)  When I was out getting the stuff for my kebabs I picked up some Chobani greek yogurt (because remember I'm trying to teach myself to like it), and I decided to have the Chobani Flip Key Lime Crumble for dessert.  I already told you that I am now obsessed with the stuff.  It's delish.

I guess I kind of failed at the sensible snacking aspect… oops.  But that's it for me, but click on over to Jenn‘s page to catch up on other What I Ate Wednesdays!  Also: there are some BIG changes about to happen over here at the Pike Place Kitchen… so get ready!