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Saturday Things


1.  It's finally fall and I'm ready.  I was resisting it with every fiber of my being, trying to hold on to the last seconds of summer and now I'm just content.  There really is something about fall.  Something about burning my favorite fall candle.  Or finding a close second favorite fall candle.  Something about refusing to turn on my heat so I can cuddle up on my couch under the best blanket ever (I'm now the proud owner of two… and so is Laura).  It's in the air and I'm feeling the romanticism of the season wash over me.  I'm content.

2.  I'm not content because EVERYONE keeps asking me if I've watched glee.  I love glee, but I'm just not ready.  I fully support Lea and the cast… but it's only been two and a half months.  I'm still not ready.  All in good time. 

3.  This Guinness advertisement is refreshing.


4.  I have a VERY fall, VERY simple, and VERY quick recipe coming your way soon… get excited.

5.  I know this news is old, but I haven't done a things post in a while so:  Am I the only one who doesn't find the people cast for 50 Shades of Grey to be as hot as I imagined them?  I guess that's the curse of reading smut.  Oh well, I'll survive.  (It won't stop me from seeing the movie obvi… maybe they'll be better than I think.)

6.  Sunday is my five year anniversary with the boyfriend.  He's just so amazing, indescribably so, and I feel so incredibly lucky to have someone who supports me in everything I do and through all of my crazy.  If I don't tell you enough: Boyf, I love you.  Here's what we looked like back then and now (the iphone selfie camera changed my world):

n1365240113_30394364_6562 IMGP6163 IMG_9710 IMG_6687 Now Collage

7.  I know my mom reads this blog (I think everyone knows that) and I'm unsure if my dad does, and family laundry doesn't need to be aired in public, but I want to quickly comment my parent's divorce being finalized this month.  This experience has been a long one, an emotional one, and a growing one.  I have learned so much from my parents.  I've been reminded of what I admire in both of them and what I don't.  I've learned what I want in a relationship and what I don't.  I've been shown that family is about more than blood ties to each other, but supporting one another and wanting the best thing for everyone.  Although divorce often has negative connotations, it can also have positive outcomes.  I love them both unconditionally, and that will never change, but I'm just glad they finally have some closure and maybe we can all move on now.  Maybe that's the lesson in this mess: eventually you come out of it stronger and happier, both individually and as a whole. 

8.  Oh hai, on a different note.  Did you know that Si and I are soul mates?  He listens to calming whale sounds, I get puget sound whale network updates weekly to my phone.  I think it's pretty obvious.  Plus we're both hysterically hilarious.  (One of us more so than the other… I'll let you decide who is who)

9.  Study abroad pictures have been making me cry constantly for the past week.  Frankie's mom wanted some of them for her bathroom wall (she re-decorated it with black and white) so I went through them all and was greeted with a flood of emotion.  (As if that's different from any other day.)

Cinque Terre, Italy 3- B&W Cinque Terre, Italy 17- B&W Florence, Italy 01- B&W Florence, Italy 05- B&W Paris, France 05- B&W Venice, Italy 3- B&W Lake Bled, Slovenia 01- B&W Rome, Italy 02- B&W

10.  This is going to sound like a selfish plug-in (primarily because it is) but my discover card is going to earn me 5% cash back on all online shopping (up to $1,500) from October to December.  Can you say christmas shopping with me?  Christmas.  Shopping.  Plus, if you use my link to sign up for your own Discover Credit Card we both will earn $50 in cash back automatically after your first purchase.  What's not to love?  Plus the fact that Frankie and I are shamelessly in a competition to see who can get more cash back… (I'm winning) because your cash back DOUBLES towards travel redemption.  Can you say free cruise with me?  Free.  Cruise.  Gosh you guys are getting good at that.  If you want the link/are interested shoot an email to msashleyrenee@icloud.com or just leave me a comment here with your email!   

11.  Also, for any one who's interested there's a bogo sale going on with Yankee Candle right now.  According to Coupons.com this code will work until tomorrow (short notice, I know, but I figured I'd share just incase anyway): CRM309X  I obviously bought two macintosh and two mistletoe candles… I don't have a problem or anything.  

12.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ONE OF MY BEST FRIENDS, BRITTANY.  You are the sweetest, most wonderful, gorgeous friend a girl could ask for.  I hope you lived it up ya big slut!

13.  Hocus Pocus is the greatest Halloween movie ever.  That is all.

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