Sunday Sprinkles


  1. um. my friend told me that Verizon doesn't do the discounted phone deal for the upgrades anymore… whattt?  whats the point of even waiting for your “upgrade” then?  has anyone else heard this? 

2. THIS is adorable.  i think its hilarious. plus the dog is super cute.

3. I've been posting like crazy on instagram about my whole30 this week!  I have an update headed your way too, most likely on Wednesday.

4. I feel like this weekend FLEW by.  wasn't it thursday like yesterday?  wahhhh.  why is time flying by.  I feel like two seconds ago i was SO excited about summer and now its practically fall?  WHAT IS THIS ADULT LIFE?

5. I'm one hundred percent making this to go along with my coffee exfoliating scrub.  

6. for all my hometown (RI) peeps, this list of ice cream places is killer.

7. FRANKIE AND I WATCHED TRUE DETECTIVE THIS WEEKEND.  as in the entire first season.  all at once. (it is only 8 episodes but still). I'm obsessed.  i loved it.  I can't wait to watch the second season.  We're into the 3rd season of Lie to Me and so sad that this is the last one.  I've been trying to stretch it out.  i'm into season 7 of Bones.  YAY.  I'm still loving it.  

8. speaking of number 4, i REALLY REALLY want a pumpkin spice latte.  I feel like i'm seeing everyone talk about pumpkin flavored stuff and i'm like WHERE IS IT?

9. literally, the first SECOND frankie and I are done with the whole 30.  looks like i'm introducing dairy back into my diet first. 

10. EVERYTHING IS LIVE FOR THE NEW SITE!!  I hope you guys like it.  I'm still going back and re-adding read more buttons but from now on, this is what it'll look like!
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