Sunday Sprinkles



  1. um can we talk about how its the middle of december and basically beach weather?  SO BIZARRE.  tell me what you're doing.  i went on a “long run” yesterday and frankie and i walked around central park and it was glorious. 
  2. i have been trying to maximize my christmas activities though.  i went to the union square holiday market with Britt on tuesday and it was SO CUTE.  i couldn't handle it. adorrrrable.
  3. i'm signing up for another race.  this one's a 5 miler in january in central park.  but at this rate i'm wondering if it'll be running in snow or blistering heat.  i just can't tell anymore.  the goal for this race is to make it the full five miles without stopping, so i'm starting the training now.
  4. i'm back on my la croix binge.  i have to say the coconut one is totally my fave.  
  5. did you check out my foodie holiday gift guide?  I have at least one more guide coming your way.  who do you have to buy for? who do you need ideas for?  tell me! tell me! (but in case you know anyone who loves the ocean as much as i do – i love this buzzfeed one.)
  6. in january i'm committing to making all our dinners/lunches throughout the week.  i'm toying with the idea of starting another whole30, but idk.  we'll see.  but regardless, these crockpot dump meals seem like they'd be super helpful.  
  7. TV.  oh geeze.  | Scream Queens | i didn't see that coming.  i thought hester was involved.  but i also was really convinced chanel #5 was involved too.  gah!  they got me.  they definitely got me.  and i'm sort of happy that happened to pete.  yup.  | minority report | this is a new one for us. i really like it so far though!  i'm into the concept – which frankie thinks is weird because its normally more his thing.  we haven't watched last weeks quanitco yet, but we're doing that tonight and then tomorrow we'll watch the winter finale! so exciting!
  8. i LOVE these cooking new years resolutions. i just love them.
  9. i also love these.