Sunday Sprinkles



  2. some days i just need to remind myself to breathe and relax.  when i'm feeling extra overwhelmed/anxious, i find the best remedy is to go on a long walk and find a park… especially when i'm in the city.  being surrounded by trees and grass makes me feel like i'm a little closer to home.  🌲🌿
  3. i want to go to ALL of these places ASAP.
  4. i'm thinking about joining classpass again. they have a 10 class deal for $30 going on right now and i'm curious about your thoughts.
  5. i've got some pretty cool posts coming your way this week and i'm really excited about them, be on the lookout for a “meal plan monday post” tomorrow and likely a traffic & income post later this week!
  6. i can't wait to read this!! i'm ordering it on amazon today! Jess from how sweet eats wrote recipes for it!!!
  7. TV. ummmm nothing really major to comment on this week.  i'm missing all my good shows and i can't wait for them to come back.  i've been watching bones (i'm halfway through season 8) and i'm almost up to date with Sister Wives.  i did see that orange is the new black got released on amazon this week at some point! so i'm excited to dig back into that!
  8. earlier this week my friend Kyle took Frankie and I out to dinner for our birthdays!! we went to the Jonesy Wood Foundry and it was super good!  after dinner we went to the sweet shoppe for dessert and i got toasted marshmallow + salted caramel gelato and it was TO DIE FOR.  and owner recommended! ALSO.  he made us brunch yesterday and it was a super nice spread!  thanks kyle ❤️
  9. OH also theres the semi annual victorias secret sale going on!! have you gotten anything??
  10. plus, for all you bachelorette fans out there.  THIS is amazing.