Sunday Sprinkles



1. OKAY CAN WE TALK ABOUT POKEMON GO????? because frankie and i are obsessed.  OB. SESSED.  i can't deal.  last night we were walking around the upper east side until like 1am. in the rain.  as in, i put on a rain coat and rain boots to go out there in pursuit.  but i feel like i'm nine years old again and i loveeeee it.

2. frankie and i went to the bronx zoo yesterday!! and i had so much fun.  i loveeedddd it and we ended up buying a membership so we can go to all the zoos AND the aquarium on coney island!

3. i couldn't stop thinking about this while i was at the zoo though.  😂

4. can anyone believe that Portugal just won the Euro Final? what HAPPENED.

5. i'm leaving for DC tomorrow for twoooooo weeks!  and last week i was in CT.  so there won't be a meal plan monday for the next few weeks.  but once i'm home and cooking for us again, i'll be back to meal planning!

6. there is an amaaaazingggggg recipe coming your way this week and i'm SO excited for it.  gah.  we had friends over for the game today and literally we ate an entire bowl of it.  i can't even.

7. oyyyy.  we're catching up on game of thrones still.  but right nowwwwww we're watching parks and rec!  frankie never finished it andddd i love it so i'm all for bingeing through it!  i think the real question here is: what are YOU watching?

8. yes!  17 items to make you a better cook.

9. i want to do this next year!!