Sunday Sprinkles


edit - August 06, 2016

1. hi! my name is ashley and i'm completely OBSESSED with playing with my food.  first i HAD to learn how to carve strawberries/kiwis into flowers… and NOWWWWW i HAVE to know how to do the same with avocado.  because i'm cray.

2. i went on a run yesterday and almost died.  it was so humid and gross and hot and i didn't bring water and i was just dyyyyying.  UGH.

3. ummmmm. BIG NEWS.  the Pike Place Kitchen is OFFICIALLY an LLC.  i'm incredibly excited about this!  YAY.  what does this mean for the blog?  i'm planning on writing a post ALLLLL about it, don't you worry!

4. my phone is PACKED with pictures from this whole30.  we're on day 17 and i've been posting EVERY meal on my fitness insta.  i probably average 2-3 picture attempts per meal… sooooo i'm thinking i'll max out my 64GB in no time 😂😂😂  its a struggle to find a picture to use for this sunday sprinkles thoughhhh.

5. i think this weekend is the weekend of projects for me.  i cleaned our bedroom on my friday off and then i started organizing my magazine pages in a file folder system.  i have SOOO many magazines and I never want to throw them away because like there might be a recipe i want in them, so i started pulling out the pages i wanted to keep… but i never did anything with them so now i just have a box of crap HAHAHAH.  soooo now i'm organizing them.

6. ANYTHING to make veggies taste good is gold in my book!  but they left out fresh cracked salt & multicolor pepper – my go-to! 😍

7. SO.  we're obsessed with the olympics, are you?  it's LITERALLY been the only thing on our TV all weekend.  we've watched an obnoxious amount of sports.  also, WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME THAT MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT STARTED?? I binged on that thursday night.  super excited about this season. i like all the couples.

8. i think a lot of people think blogging is super easy and NOT work.  when i tell them that it normally takes me 5 hours of work (at a minimum, usually more if i have to test a recipe) for each recipe post i do, and 1-2 hours for any other “quick” post (sunday sprinkles/meal plan monday) they're shocked.  generally, i also devote idk 3-4 hours a week to social media (pinterest/instagram/twitter/facebook) and usually an hour to planning out the next week.  it averages around 10-15 hours a week (and that's when i don't have special projects going on – i.e. half marathon posts, whole30 posts, behind the blog posts).  that's why i only have the time to post one recipe a week, i'd LOVEEEE to post multiple times a week, but between my full time job, preparing for a really big test at work (after hours), exercising, taking care of my apartment, taking care of frankie, and whatever social engagements i have… theres just no time.  i think this post of a full-time blogger sums it all up pretty well.  (that's NOT to say i don't LOVE doing this.  because i really, really do.  but i talk all the time about falling behind and feeling guilty when i can't give 150% so i wanted to give it a little color as to why.